Argumentative Essay



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Argumentative Essay

Technology has brought with it much advancement. Technology is present in every aspect of life. Schools, work places, churches or restaurants are all institutions that use technology to make work easier. A trend that is currently on the rise is the use of mobile phones. They have enhanced communication. It is a positive development as it means that people are in constant communication with each other. Students have also adopted the use of mobile phones. These phones help them keep in touch with their peers and their parents. A debate has arisen whether children should be allowed to have cell phones. There are advantages and disadvantages of cell phone use by children.

Parents who allow their children to use cell phones do so for a number of reasons. Constant communication with their children will mean that they are able to keep track of their movements. Incase they would like to talk to their young ones, all they have to do is to call them. They also feel that cell phones will teach their children to be more responsible. By taking care of the gadget and paying for its maintenance, a child learns to be accountable. Another reason for promoting cell phone use is that families are able to bond. For a family where everyone is usually busy, there is little or no time for interaction. Cell phones are essential here as the family can keep in touch easily. They are able to update each other about the goings on in their individual lives.

Other parents are against mobile phones. They feel that this technology has brought with it disconnect between them and their children. Constant sending of messages and different mobile phones applications have made children less attentive. They no longer have time to talk to their parents since they are always on their mobile phones. Another reason is that there are children that cause disruptions in class with cell phones. By answering and making phone calls and sending messages during class, they interrupt the learning process. They also frustrate their teachers because of the constant disruptions. The leading cause of road accidents is the use of mobile phones. Therefore, some parents feel that their children can be victims of road accidents because they might not be concentrating when driving, as they will be on their cell phones. Thus, they feel that their children should not use cell phones.

Though there are many advantages of mobile phones, children should not be allowed to use them. The use of cell phones comes with a lot of responsibility. This responsibility is too much for a child to bear. Children are usually distracted by them. In class, where they should be learning, they cannot concentrate because they are either calling or sending messages. Cell phones also put children at risk. Parents cannot control all the people that communicate with their children. They are therefore at risk of falling prey to predators. Children can give information to the wrong people without knowing the danger in which they are putting themselves. cell phones can also cause jealousy among children. Not all parents can afford the same type of cell phones. Thus, the children that do not have fancy phones are jealous of those that can afford them. This jealousy can even lead to animosity or even theft. Children should not grow up with these vices. Children should therefore not be allowed to use cell phones.