Name Course Instructor Date Art 1. Claude Monnet, impression, Soleil Levant (impression, sunrise), 1872 oil on canvass. 2. Computers have greatly contributed to innovation in art.

In modern times, computers have been incorporated in art and design. Art has made innovations in computer software that are used in artistic pieces like photographs, pictures and portraits. The software can also enhance handmade artistic pieces. 3. The family painting would be done by Renoir. Renoir’s work was mainly a celebration of beauty something that can be incorporated in the family portrait. His use of color would brighten up the portrait. Thinly brushed color that dissolves the outline and the influence of colourism would also make the portrait lively (Frascina, 89).

4. The field of medicine has marked major advances and difference can be cited between Eakins’ image of 19th century surgery and 21st century surgery. The images in Eakins’ paintings show the use of simple and conservative surgical tools, knives and a table surrounded by many physicians wearing frock clothes. This is different from modern day surgery that is more complicated using tools and machinery such as computers and those that control and maintain the heart beat of a patient. Surgical environment have become different as physicians do not use a simple table, hygiene standards are improved and doctors now wear white coats. Such graphic descriptions help people understand and familiarize with medical procedures. 5. Men in both the Gross Clinic and the Agnew Clinic are seen as the people who are accorded with the most responsibility and professionalism.

Women on the other hand are not playing significant roles as the men. Women are either pictured as a fearful individuals or helpers. The woman in the Gross Clinic turns away as the procedure is done indicating fear and in the Agnew Clinic the woman aids the doctors as a nurse. 6. Thomas Eakins’ portrays the women as helpers to men and emotional beings in his paintings. The nurse aids the doctors in the Agnew Clinic while the woman in Gross Clinic turns away as the child is operated maybe the procedure is too emotional or she is too afraid to see the procedure.

However, Mary Cassatt’s paintings reflect on the nurturing role of women and their responsibility of taking care of children. She would have also shown this in the surgery painting by showing the strength of mothers and the devotion they have for their children. Work cited Frascina, Francis. Modernity and Modernism: French Painting in the Nineteenth Century. Londen: Yale University Press, 2000. Print.


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