Art Name: Course: Date: Art 1.

A painting by Paul Cezanne that utilizes the painting within a painting approach is The Artist’s Father, Reading “L’Evenement” in 1886. Despite Cezanne focusing the painting’s theme on his father, Louis Auguste Cezanne, there is a small cased picture behind Cezanne’s father. The painting indicates a composition Cezanne had painted before he painted the portrait of his father. 2. An artist might choose to repaint another painting in order to explore on his or her ideas using another composer’s artwork to achieve similarity or difference of the composition’s themes. The painting is the same since the artist does not change the original features. However, it becomes different because of the artist’s style, which does not correspond to the original work.

3. For artists, there is always a different perception in each painting. The painting is the same because the author uses the same methods the previous artist used.

However, the painting becomes different when the artist applies his or her own styles to the painting in order to differentiate it with the original work. The paintings are similar because the artist does not seek to change the outward look of the painting. However, there is a certain difference, which artists can measure.

4. Despite the Parisians asserting that the Eiffel Tower be demolished after the World Fair in 1889, the tower was magnificent since it represented the combination of architecture and art for the creation of a masterpiece: a style used in the Rococo period. 5. Eiffel’s design was chosen despite the number of submissions because of his experience in the creation of related projects such as the Bordeaux Iron Bridge, the Garabit Viaduct and the structure of the Statue of Liberty. 6. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington is significant to Americans residing in Washington and all other states because of the deceased president, Abraham Lincoln and the speech, I Have a Dream, by Martin Luther King at the memorial.

The monument is a magnum opus because of its aesthetic style. The memorial’s style represents a Greek temple supported by 36 Doric columns. Moreover, the sculpture, despite largely depicting Abraham Lincoln, also portrays another person, Robert E. Lee, carved on Lincoln’s head.


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