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1. Picasso painted Guernica as a response towards the bombing of Guernica that was a country village in North Spain. The painting is an effective portrayal of the war. It therefore succeeds in protesting against the horrors of war. This is because the painting shows the tragedies caused by war and the suffering of innocent civilians. It is therefore a perpetual reminder of war and an anti-war symbol (Aznar,, 2004).

2 Picasso’s quote means that artists use their paintings to convey a message that affects humanity. This can be in relation to war, politics, social injustices and other social aspects. For instance, the painting by Albrecht Durer in the Allegory of Social Injustice highlights social evils undertaken during his time. His painting relates to his period in the 15th century that was marked by numerous social evils and distinctions.

3. Art does have the power and capability to influence the thought and actions of people. Artists generally relate their art to their surrounding and circumstances. For instance, Guernica influenced people to change their attitude towards war. Ultimately, people would see the negative impact of war.

4. The Hamilton collage is a seductive imagery of the popular culture in America. This is interesting considering it depicts the consumerist lifestyle in America with a romantic sense.

5. Hamilton’s collage is an expression of the distinction between America and HIS conservative Britain at the time. This collage was therefore an expression for their need and search for change.

6. Pop art was initially a reaction against abstract expressionist painting (McCarthy, 2006). However, it perpetuates materialism and the essence of modernized trends and labels. Pop art mainly centers on mass media, mass culture and mass production. These aspects drive the celebrity culture and affluent lifestyles.

7. The 21st century collage would include images such as computer, TV, a cell phone and incorporate the use of multimedia. The room will also be well furnished. The colors in use would also be bolder to show the differences in the collage.

8. The F-111 painting was protest against war. It sought to address the level of detachment in a consumer society caused by the military complexities during the cold war alluding to the escalated conflict in Vietnam.

9. Two elements in the paining that are uniquely American are the F-111 fighter plane and the symbolism of American militarism during the cold war.

10. The cherubic child under a dryer is an essential piece in the painting. She is an effective aspect of the symbolism that signifies the innocent Americans that are affected by the Vietnam War. However, the piece on four walls is unimportant. This is because the element is easily overlooked or hard to decipher.

11. Romare Bearden’s collage and Jean Michel Bascquiat collages are a depiction of the texture and richness of African-American life. They therefore provided emotionally powerful images from their own culture (Lewis, 2003). Romare made unique collages to display complicated positions and intricate details from newspaper and magazine clippings, foil and other different fabrics. However, Bascquiat employed techniques as a graffiti artist to cover his text and codes with various types of words, numerals, letters, logos, diagrams, map symbols and more.


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