Art Research Paper Name: Institution: Art Research Paper Three paintings at the Chrysler Museum of Art were chosen for analysis: ‘The Old Mill’ by Jasper Francis Cropsey (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1876), ‘The Emerald Pool’ by Albert Bierstadt (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1870) and ‘The Piazza Farnesse Decorated for a Celebration in Honor of the Marriage of the Dauphin’ by Giovanni Paolo Panini (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1765). Each of the works focuses on a different subject matter. Each articulates this through different color palettes, lines and textures. ‘The Emerald Pool’ and ‘The Old Mill’ were painted by students of the Hudson River Painting School during the 19th Century.

In this light, ‘The Old Mill’ is a painting focused on depicting America’s natural beauty, in an alternate manner. Its genre is a landscape painting. However, the work attempts to symbolize industrial progress in the United States, through the mill. Other symbols used in the picture are the people. In this respect, Cropsey’s composition portrays the rural American way of life. Cropsey takes up delicate forms in developing the landscape. Sharp lines are present on the river’s shores the trees and their leaves.

In this respect, the painting allows one to view to finer details such as leaves on trees. However, Cropsey paints the people in the painting in a hazy manner. This act develops a sense of realism in the work, due to additional linear contrast. In the painting, the choice of color palette stands out.

In consequence, the red mill is vividly portrayed. The mill stands out from the rest of the environment. The varying mix of colors assists in differentiating the landscape through an autumn setting (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1876). In ‘The Emerald Pool’, Albert Bierstadt produces another landscape painting. Its subject is the mountains to its left.

In this respect, the painter unites the environmental elements, the mountain, clouds and trees. For the mountain at the background, Bierstadt paints it in a fuzzy manner. To achieve contrast, the composition utilizes sharp lines in the trees. This approach is also seen in the water’s edge. Looking at the clouds and the White Mountain’s display of splendor, it can be deduced that the painting attempts photography-like realism. The color palette used in the painting assists in providing realism.

The varying colors used in the foreground and background provide a perfect contrast. As a result, there is a sense of dimension and distance in the composition, with reference to the mountain. In conclusion, one sees balanced colors in the composition just as well as a viewer sees a beautiful depiction of the wild landscape found in America (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1870). ‘The Old Mill’ and ‘The Emerald Pool’ contain well-balanced color palettes. The creative choices of palettes provide a sense of realism. They, therefore, produce excellent landscapes due to the excellent mixing of blur and sharp lines. Panini’s ‘The Piazza Farnese Decorated for a Celebration in Honor of the Marriage of the Dauphin’ adopts a simplistic approach. First, Panini uses a limited color palette.

This effect vastly limits the composition realism. The chosen palette also limits the effect of contrast in the painting. Panini’s composition strives to depict a celebration. In this effect, development of other parts of the composition, such as the clouds, is limited. For instance, the building behind the piazza is poorly developed. It appears hazy, and its colors appear static (Chrysler Museum of Art, 1765). As a result, the painting is viewed as an unfinished piece, limiting its creative appeal. Furthermore, Panini has used lines ineffectively.

The painting, therefore, lacks detail in numerous aspects. First, the buildings need further sharpness and a better choice of color palette. The people in the painting appear blurry. Clearer detail will add to the mood of celebration, making the work successful. References Chrysler Museum of Art. (1765). The Piazza Farnese Decorated for a Celebration in Honor of the Marriage of the Dauphin [Painting].

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