This is page 27 in the ebook “Business Information Systems- Design an App : by Raymond D.Forst, Jacqueline C.

Pike, Lauren N. Kenyo and Sarah E. Pels. Book Guiding Principles We developed a number of guiding principles in the creation of the book.

We began with creative, right brain problems. The business curriculum is so heavily focused on analysis that there is little room for creative expression. We have students design and draw with the software to remedy this problem.

For example, students design an iPhone App in PowerPoint and simulate its operation with hyperlinks. We want to support and model critical thinking. There are many definitions of critical thinking and we do not claim to have the most comprehensive one. However, we believe that the explanatory framework offered by Richard Paul is especially powerful. Paul encourages faculty to communicate concepts in four forms—definitions, rephrasing, written examples and illustrations. The hope is that one or more of the forms will stick and mutually reinforce each other in the student’s mind.

Students frequently comment that they see the value in what they are learning and are able to apply it not only in their other classes, but also in real life. Finally, we think that the book should support multiple learning styles. We use Neil Fleming’s taxonomy of learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Read/write, and Kinesthetic (VARK). Different students learn differently; this book contains something for everyone.


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