Name: Instructor: Course; Date: A Summary of My Trip The trip to Brussels was one of my most interesting trips.

The first place we visited was the EU council office. The EU council is a chamber of the European Union’s legislative division. There are only two chambers in the division; the other one being the European parliament. The EU council performs a legislative function. To pass laws, the council must confer with the parliament.

Legislation is thus a joint initiative. The EU council also has equal budgetary powers with parliament but commands greater control when it comes to foreign policy and co-ordination of member countries. . After the EU council offices, we headed to the EU Commission, which was just next to the EU Council. The commission comprises 27 commissioners each heading a cabinet. The EU commissioners are representatives from the member states of the EU; they thus form the EU’s civil service.

Unlike the civil service however, it has the exclusive rights to initiate legislation. It recommends new legislation to the two chambers, the parliament and the council and makes certain that member countries follow EU laws. The commission also ensures that the laws proposed have more effect on the operations of the EU than those of the member countries.

On the third day of our trip, we went to the Palm Brewery. The palm Brewery exports its beer to several countries. They have been major exporters of beer to the U.S.A. since 2007, and this is their largest export market. The export volumes of the brewery have been steadily increasing for during the past years.

The last day in Brussels saw us visit the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center. I learnt many lessons from this visit particular about the vision the company has for the future of Microsoft and the Windows operating software. After Brussels, we went to London. In London, we began by visiting the European Business School. Here, we listened to two presentations. The first one was about Consumer Trends in the UK in the years 2011 and 2012. In this presentation, the professor talked about the Euro zone crisis, and the role current issues played in the EU’s crisis. The Second presentation was about the direct marketing industry in the U.

K. The professor talked about the future of the UK in the EU; the shaky relations that had developed between the British government and the European Union and the Future marketing trends in the U.K.

On our second day in London, we visited Landor Associates and The Creative Life (TCL). Both Landor and TCL are marketing agencies. Landor was founded in 1941, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. It has twenty-four branches in eighteen countries. The agency insisted that it was an idea company and not a design agency.

TCL is a Chinese multinational that aims at using technology and innovativeness to speed up the sales of its products. From Landor and TCL we went to the University of the Arts of London (UAL). There were four presentations at UAL; the speech that enthralled me was about flag-shop and showrooms. Flag shops sell the flags of different countries; they are colorful shops with fantastic showrooms.

The pictures of worldwide flags were beautiful and well designed. On the last day of this expansive trip, we stopped by FedEx as we were going to the airport. FedEx is less popular in the UK than in the U.S. It also faces a lot of competition from DHL despite their slightly differentiated product segments.

DHL deals mostly with the packaging of documents while FedEx’s concentration borders on a wide range of products. IV) What are your impressions of the trip, including hotels, city tours and class dinners Manneken (Brussels) and Sarastro (London)? The whole trip was a fascinating experience for me. In addition to the knowledge I was gathered, I also enjoyed the quality of the two hotels that accommodated us during the trip.

The city tours were also fantastic; London and Brussels are very beautiful cities. The streets were neat, and the buildings were such a remarkable sight. As an international student, I could only marvel as I compared these two cities to those in America and my country. The class dinners in Manneken and Sarastro were wonderful; I had never had such a dinner. The food was mouth watering and the service exemplary.

These were some of the best moments of the trip. Overall, I enjoyed the trip and the scenery and I look forward to visiting these cities again in the future.


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