Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Basic Resistance Training Question 1 ExerciseConcentric joint motionsEccentric joint motionsMajor muscles trainedClean and jerkTriple extension of hips, knees and then ankles Upward jump extending body Deep front squat Knee bend and straightening Arms locked upright The Trapezius muscle Finger flexors Dead liftHips and shoulders move keeping back posture straight. Thrust hips forward and abduct lats Flexed legs as in squat position Straight back posture Finger flexors, the lower back, gluteus maximus, harmstrings, quadriceps and adductor magnus. Clean and Jerk Proper Technique Place your feet below the bar a little wider than the hip width. Pull the bar up by extending your knees and hips. Hold the bar on your shoulder while extending to squat position and once you hit the squat position stand up.

Teaching Cues Prepare by standing over the barbells in good position. Pull the bar of the floor with accurate precision. Make heel adjustment, chest positioning and bending of knees and ankles during the jerk. Dead Lift Proper Technique Make your feet flat on the floor about shoulder width apart. While gripping the bar it should be near the shins.

When pulling upwards extend the knee. When lowering the bar flex hip and knee joints. Teaching cues The lifting begins with feet flat on the floor. The Upward movement begins by knee extension. The lifter must flex knee and hip joints during downward movement. Question 2 Chest Push Ups Proper Techniques Lie on the floor making your arms wider than your shoulders. Lift and lower your body by bending your arms.

Teaching cues Body must be straight during this exercise. Body should be pushed up to the extension of the arms. Upper Back Inverted rows Proper Techniques Lie on your back in a horizontal position and grasp the bar. With your body straight, pull your body to the bar. Teaching cues Bar must be grasped with a wide grip. The arms are supposed to be extended with shoulders stretched forward. Legs Body weight squats Proper Techniques Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hip width with hands by your sides.

Lower yourself until making sure your thighs parallel the floor. Return to standing position. Teaching Cues Stand in a relaxed upright manner. Lower yourself to squatting position. Pull back to standing position.


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