Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Bio Statement All living things, whether plants, animals or human beings have the right to survive, live and thrive in their habitat.

They need the necessities of life such as food, water, air and space among others. When these necessities are available, the populations continue to grow. One would therefore wonder why the universe is not filled to capacity, especially in the regions where such necessities are in abundance. Populations cannot continue to grow because there is a limit to everything. The environment has a limit and this consequently limits the continuous growth of the population. This environmental resistance therefore determines how many human beings the earth can support. Although the earth has everything required for humans to survive, it does not have all the resources in plenty.

For instance, in some cases, many people suffer because they lack adequate food and safe drinking water. Human beings are not the only living things on the earth, which need to survive and thrive in their habitat. Despite this, many people do not seem to consider that they are influential in determining the existence and survival of other living things on the planet. They shorten and threaten the lives of other living things when they destroy their habitat.

They are so concerned with their own development such as improving infrastructure by constructing roads, cities and houses, that they do not consider the survival of the other living things living there. This means that they destroy the habitats of the animals, plants and other living things. People’s needs and desires should therefore not be the only things to be considered when developing infrastructure.

Human beings should learn how to exist with other living things in the earth by learning how to make sacrifices. Some are however too concerned with consumption that they do not remember to replace what they have consumed. This leads to the endangerment of certain species and the extinction of others.

Controlling pollution has proved to be an expensive, laboring and time-consuming process. In many cases, the damage caused by pollution is irreversible. Many cities have tried to control or minimize their air pollution, yet they still do not have pure or clean air. Any form of pollution should be avoided since most of it ends up destroying the environment. The natural greenhouse effect has been there for a long time, and it has benefited living things in different ways. It has ensured that there is life on earth by making the earth warm enough for life to thrive.

If the greenhouse effect were not present, the earth would be too cold for humans and many living things to survive. As the industrialization age began, the greenhouse gases have increased and this means that more heat is being trapped by the earth. Although there seems to be an urgency to control the greenhouse gases, I do not think that the changes in the climate are too big for people to be overly concerned. People should ensure that they control their levels of greenhouse gas emissions. They also need to ensure that there is adequate forest cover, which will assist in absorbing the carbon.

The quality of human life is not just measured by the possessions they have, or their housing. This would mean that the fewer possessions that a person has, or the smaller the house, then the lower the quality of their life is. It would not explain why some of the people in poor nations around the world live happier and more fulfilled lives. The quality of human life is dependent on more than possessions. Many wealthy nations around the world have access to medicine, and high quality housing, yet they suffer and die from different diseases. Health is one of the most important determinants of people’s quality of life.

Unhealthy and sick people cannot work, and they can therefore not obtain wealth. Factors such as the emotional, mental and psychological state of people can determine their health. People who are constantly stressed and depressed about different issues in their lives end up getting other diseases. I believe that the best way which human beings can live on the earth is to coexist with other living things on the universe.


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