Black Leather Lu




Black Leather Lu

The narrator, who could be presumed as female, has an ailing father who suffers from diabetes. The narrator is tasked with ensuring the wellbeing of her father who is reliant on medication for survival. Additionally, as the father is not self-reliant the narrator is tasked with taking care of him, ensuring that he has adequate medication and his level of blood sugar evaluated on a daily basis. This would provide the narrator with an elaborate indication in terms of improving health or any signs of deteriorating health thus necessitating the need for urgent medical attention. The medical condition of the narrator’s father is one of the main worries and pervasive issues in the story. This is because the ailing father entirely relies on the narrator for numerous things (Tafolla, 2008).

Another pervasive medical issue is the narrator’s daughter who underwent various medical procedures as she gave birth to a child. The narrator provides an illustration of the presence of differences in terms of reality and individual expectations. This is evidenced by the narrator’s daughter expectations. The daughter was of the view that she would follow up with medical procedures during birth that she had set out. Such include giving birth in a natural manner without the use of surgical procedures in delivery. However, the daughter of the narrator was subjected to surgical methods of delivery or the C section (Tafolla, 2008).

Additionally one of the narrator’s colleagues by the name Judy is ailing with a neurological problem. The health problem is making Judy’s life problematic in that her legs are frail and failing. Additionally, she is unable to ensure steady steps while walking, as the muscles are weak and she has to seek support while standing. The changes in Judy’s health have resulted in a new view about life by the narrator, as she pities Judy for her medical condition. The narrator is involved in a car accident, which leaves her nursing injuries. The narrator is prompted to attend medical therapy sessions to relieve the muscle and body pains from the accident.

On the other hand, the narrator is concerned by Black Leather Lu who could be described as mentally perturbed. The narrator builds an interest in the life of Lu who is a stranger to the narrator. The narrator ensures that she sees Lu on a daily basis. This provides the author with a sense of relief as she finds Lu in excellent health. The author develops a form of attachment with Lu despite the lack of any communication. The narrator derives satisfaction when she sees Lu. This is evidenced by the narrator becoming worried after failing to see Lu in the streets for several days.


“Sometimes nothing works as well as escape.” (Tafolla, 2008). This statement indicates of the need to escape the troubles in the surrounding by the narrator. The narrator is under pressure due to all people who depend on her in terms of moral and financial support such as the sick father and daughter.

“This in a time period when nobody will fix anything-just throw it away and buy a new one at Wal-Mart.” (Tafolla, 2008). This statement indicates of the drastic changes in societal norms. Things have changed over the years as people adopt new norms due to modernization and globalization.

“God don’t have sides. He’s against all this mess” (Tafolla, 2008). This statement indicates that the narrator is spiritual and believes in the presence of a supernatural being.

“We are all created absolutely uniquely, but still totally, in His or Her image” (Tafolla, 2008). This statement is moving in that it provides that people should refrain from judging other people such as Black Leather Lu. She or he is created in an image of God and thus is uniquely a resemblance of God.


Tafolla, C. (2008). “Black Leather Lu” The holy tortilla and a pot of beans: A feast of short fiction. San Antonio, Tex: Wings Press.


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