Book ReviewNameCourseDate Book ReviewThe Hunters and the Hunted: A Non-Linear Solution for Reengineering the Workplace is a book on non-traditional ways to create a conducive niche in a competitive work environment. The author, James B. Swartz, conveys the workplace scenario as a sort of battleground, or hunting ground in which ones role is constantly interchangeable due to the forces that govern the work environment.He attempts to explain the transformations that one goes under during person’s dominant and submissive roles. He does this through the employment of factual and fictional scenarios mostly by those in submissive roles and attempts not only to explain why they inhabit submissive roles but how to move from one such role to a dominant one. The two main characters of the book are antagonists on some level and he uses them to explain the old paradigm and a new fresh way of doing things and the benefits and detriments that accrue to both sides.This book shows how different the traditional approach is to the modern setting and how ways that have seen the passage of time could be harmful to a company due to the fact that modern methods may be not only cost effective and time saving but also increase efficiency of a company and also save time. The book tells of how American markets grew lax because they enjoyed a large following and saw no major competition growing lax as a result only to be usurped by companies from the Asian markets that are quickly gaining dominance and recognition. It tells of how the American companies now seek to improve in order not to be overtaken by the Asian front.The author presents a well thought out and reasoned as well as creative portrayal of the work place setting. However, the authors stab at creativity backfires to a small extent and the result is that the book is very wordy and his references to past historic events is somewhat forced and in some places vague. His points though presented in a clear manner are lengthy and he does tend to take a while to get to them. The book is also mostly aimed at people in the higher levels of employment in an organization perhaps showing that authority still matters in the workplace. It shows why aggressive business models are ideal if a company intends to gain or maintain dominance in a given market where new products and development are strongly pursued and companies are advised to be on the offensive as opposed to the defensive which technically is the harder position to maintain. This is presented through the character of Laura who is new to the job market having just recently graduated.The book puts down such strategies as the ones that depend on a reaction, that is, where there is no discernible plan and where the plan is to react to whatever may be prevailing in the market at a particular time. A predisposition exists here to maintain a company’s current business model without undue regard to the prevailing forces in the market or to emerging trends or new ways of conducting business used by companies at similar levels. This is presented through the character of Lou in the book. The author, through the book, is successful in portraying all the themes shown by the book.


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