Business Events Management Assignment 1 Name: Course: Date: Business Events Management Assignment 1 The airbus A380 is an advanced modern airplane manufactured by European Airbus Corporation. Currently, this is the world’s largest commuter airplane. Regarding the size of the airplane and other social and economical considerations, an event of this magnitude has to put into consideration a number of factors regarding the location.

Launching an airplane poses a number of challenges especially in emerging markets of Bangkok and Dubai. The major challenge of launching an airplane in a new market involves making profits as quickly as possible (Graham and Forsyth, 2008). Primarily, it takes approximately six months for a flight to reach the point of profitability. Moreover, this occurs after making positive influences on the country’s tourism and economy. For the launch of this airplane, social and economic factors were considered between Dubai and Dubai and Thailand”Bangkok”. In this regard, both locations presented suitability in terms of launching the event.

However, intriquate investigation revealed that Bangkok is a better place for launching the airline compared to Dubai. In July 2012, Bangkok, Thailand was awarded for the third year in a row the award for the best city in the World. This award is in terms of traveling and leisure experiences conducted by an online survey (Business travel in Thailand, 2003). The rating of cities in this regard was based on the criteria of food, restaurants, food, value, shopping, culture and arts. Additionally, Thailand’s resorts, islands, and hotels were also ranked high.

In comparison, Dubai ranks relatively lower in these rankings. Bangkok presents a better environment to support tourism compared to Dubai. Bangkok poses a better chance of yielding more growth in economy and tourism industry compared to Dubai due to the better scenery. Ultimately, increased tourism activity will have a positive effect Thailand’s economy. In addition, Bangkok is the preferred destination due to its less strict statutory regulations. Comparison of launching the event between Bangkok and Dubai in this case is determined by the political arena. The government in Thailand is not as strict as that in Dubai regarding international business ventures. However, political instability in Thailand, though not major, may pose a setback to the event.

For example, Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand’s foreign affairs minister and his Red Shirt resulted in reduced tourist attendance in the country. This may affect the success of the event. In comparison, Dubai has enjoyed relatively stable government affairs. Nevertheless, even with the reduced visits, Thailand still attracts more tourists than Dubai. Furthermore, the manufacturing industry is attractive for foreign investment aided with low cost of living in Bangkok.

It is much more expensive for foreigners to invest in Dubai since it is a consumption oriented economy. From an economical point of view, the financial crisis and economy recession had a major impact on airline industry player. Airline Business conducted a survey that revealed minimal decline in airline revenue. However, profitability was largely affected.

With the economic crunch of such magnitude, the tourism industry suffered a major blow by a drastic fall in activity (Emirates, 2003). Countries leading in tourism such as Thailand suffered greatly due to the diminished revenue and gross domestic product. Tourism in Thailand contributes 7.1 percent of Thailand’s gross domestic product compared to Dubai’s 4.

9 percent. This implies that the economy in Thailand is more dependent on revenue from the tourism industry compared to Dubai. Hence, launching the Airbus A380 in Thailand is more credible than it is in Dubai. This is because the business event will have a much-needed improvement to the economy since it needs to recover from the economy recession. Additionally, Bangkok possesses key facilities that will play important roles in hosting this event. Among them is the fact that Bangkok is among the top four global conference destinations in Asia. An event as groundbreaking as the launch of the Airbus 380 requires a location capable of handling the implications involved in holding such an event. Factors such as tourism sceneries, classic hotels, and the magnificent cuisine will serve to cater for the best interests of the many participants expected to attend the event.

Also, prices are low in Bangkok than Dubai. Bangkok hotels venue provides luxury brand with all meeting facilities (Business travel in Thailand, 2003). Moreover, Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand handles about forty flight destinations from major cities in Asia, Europe, and North America. Dubai on the other hand does not have an airport that handles as many flight destinations.

Holding the event in Bangkok hence will allow the 235 delegates and the rest of the participants to make single flight travels to Thailand. Travelling to Dubai on the other hand would require making two or three connection flight travels. It is much cheaper making single flights than connecting city-city until the final destination is arrived at. In conclusion, various factors have been put into consideration when making a choice between Bangkok, Thailand and Dubai for the Airbus 380 launch. Factors such as economy, political, social, and regulatory have led to Thailand being the better choice between the two. Furthermore, considerations regarding the impact of the event on the countries economy and tourism industry reveal that Thailand is better suited to handle this event.

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