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Cultural Communication and Interaction Skills

Interpretation and Analysis

In terms of resilience and communication empowerment, I am particularly strong with a relatively high belief about persistence regardless of the situation. I am able to persevere and show resilience as I look to accomplish my goals despite the barriers that stand in my way. I may not achieve my goals or ambitions in the first attempt, but I do not give and opt to keep on pushing. Another strength I possess comes through the knack to be relaxed and comfortable when I am in the company of strangers. In the company of socially diverse people, I have the social strength of acceptance and revealing empathy and good leadership.

I also vest my strengths to my transition experience. My previous endeavors have taught me a lot and granted me relevant experience. Whenever I make moves, I do so expecting positive outcomes, and I judge this by my previous experiences. I also deem it helpful turning to others who can have a positive influence on my future skills and adaptation to new challenges and environments. Additionally, I consider myself good at managing uncertainty. In this regard, I have a high ability of working under distress or anxiety and handling of disorganization. Furthermore, I believe that I have a high motivation of meeting diverse people I have high skills that allow me to push forward and meet diverse people pleasantly (Dana, 47).

The other strength I possess includes high levels of trustworthiness when I relate with people. This strength allows other people to base their trust in me or consider me responsible, even though our experiences may not offer much basis for trust. Additionally, in case I find my self in a new culture that is going through problems or turmoil, I would be able to reorganize the situation and make an effort of finding a reasonable solution followed by an action plan.

In terms of an interaction initiation, I am that person who starts conversations or begins duties even with people whom I do not share common values. Even though I may not fancy some people, I still recognize the importance of communication and sharing of ideas (Nell, 37).

Compared to my other strengths, the GO CULTURE ASSESSMENT revealed relatively lower ratings on certain social fields, and I consider these my weak points. Among these, include innovativeness, where I have a slightly higher than average score of a learning desire and adapting to new things. In terms of relocation motivation, the assessment test allows me realize that I have relatively good strengths of embracing optimistic views (Nell, 56). I base this on my previous negative experiences, anticipated or personal stress. I also have an above average ease of transiting an upcoming task. Whenever I perform a task, I normally consider it an activity I can execute successfully and keep a positive attitude while performing it.

In terms of flexibility, my analysis of the test scores establishes that I am relatively good at making effective personal changes to accommodate new systems or processes. Making these changes allows me to break away from old norms and apply new approaches. My final strength lies with the aspect of information openness. This implies that even though I stand by and hold my own beliefs and values, I still keep an open mind and respect the views and opinions of other people. However, it is necessary to note one significant weakness that plagues my intercultural relations with other people in the name of Social inclusion. In this regard, this demerit deters me from cooperating effectively and welcoming multicultural-based people. I indeed do have a weakness with interacting with people, an in particular those with technical, social, and language skills lower than mine. I do sometimes feel that this form of engagement may be too hard.


It is my understanding that I can be able to enhance my uncertainty management strength through adapting more comfortability with dissimilar procedures or rules, and understanding the organizational patterns of others. Additionally, I need to alter some of my social expectations so as to fir into new and unfamiliar conditions. Additionally, I can also be able to increase my transition ease by seeking advice from well-informed people on matters and accept rather than ignore the struggles. The other recommendation relevant in this exercise concerns my greatest weakness on social inclusion. Judging by my other cultural interaction attributes, I understand that I am relatively poor in associating myself with people displaying lower language or technical skills than mine. To improve this, I understand that I have to accept and welcome by realigning my beliefs and replacing negative evaluations with positive ones.


In conclusion, upon conducting this exercise, I was able to infer a much more positive approach towards culturally diverse populations. Additionally, I am also able to develop enhanced cultural confidence, reduced anxiety, cultural flexibility, increased motivation, and improved productivity. Upon conducting an analysis of my cultural interaction skills, I realized that I could be able to relate well with people from a broad cultural view. However, I cannot overlook certain flaws including my poor skills in social inclusion. Nevertheless, I intend to apply the necessary alterations to the flaws and correct them positively. Ultimately, I believe that if I apply the suggested recommendations, I will exhibit excellent skills of relating to people in any new location (Dana, 76).

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