Business Memo

To: The Sales Staff

FROM: Manger of Sales Personnel

CC: Upper Management

DATE: March 28, 2013

SUBJECT: Non-Attendance at Mandatory Company Seminars

To begin with, I must say I am pleased with the current improvement you have achieved in your work over the recent past when sales have increased. However, in order to make more improvement, it should be noted that newer skills are necessary. It is for this reason that the company provides the mandatory training seminars for all the sales persons, which we have realized contributes to the improvement.

Unfortunately, it has come to may attention that some of the sales personnel are not attending the mandatory company seminars. The seminars are for training the sales personnel on the mechanical specifications of the vehicles in order to enhance knowledge of the products we sell. It is critical for sales personnel to have knowledge of the products they are selling in order to convince the clients why they need to buy the vehicles. It is for this reason that the company spends a lot of money on these seminars in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

The seminars are meant to be a part of employee development in order to create a competitive advantage of the dealership. It allows you to acquire mechanical knowledge of the products, which goes a far way in convincing clients (Wilke, 2006). It is important to note that clients are very pleased with sales personnel who can answer all their questions with precision as well as inform them of some specification they might not be aware. Further, there is need to note that vehicles are high-end products and clients need a lot of information before buying in order to make their choices. Without such knowledge, it will be hard for you as a sales person to convince the customer. Hence, the needs to have every sales person attend the seminars (Wilke, 2006).

Due to the high rate of absence in this meeting, after every meeting all the sales personnel will be required to give a feedback on the training in order to find out what was learnt as well as what needs to be learnt. You shall be expected to use all the knowledge you acquire from the seminars in your work. Considering the need for informed judgment by customers, it will be a requirement to have all the up to date knowledge about each vehicle that one intends to sell. The feedback is where other ideas that could be included to make the seminars better and more productive (Hinesman, 2013).

Additionally, to ensure that all sales persons attend the seminars, roll calls after the seminar will be conducted to ascertain who attended and who did not. Failure to attend will amount to penalty since the meetings are conducted within working time, when you would otherwise be working. Penalties will include fines or deductions from salary the amount of money one is supposed to earn during time of the seminar. In case a person may not be in a position to attend the seminar, a prior notice will be necessary.

This is not supposed to be a new directive or order. Rather, it is just ensuring the implementation of a rule that has been there, one that is designed to allows you to develop skills in order to engage in your jobs with ease and precision. In addition, it should be realized that skills gained would be for your benefit as well considering you receive bonuses for better sales.

Moreover, at the end of the training the management will issue certifications to those who attend. In order to get the certification, one has to attend all the seminars and provide prior apologies when not attending. The certification will be filed and recognized as added skills that will be rewarded through increase of remuneration (ChrisMcDade, 2013). On the other hand, lack of attendance will lead to fines, and in extreme cases where an employee does not attend at all, it will be considered a violation of the dealership rules.

It is my hope that you understand that this memorandum does not present a reprimand, but rather an emphasis on the importance of having every sales person attend the seminars as well as measures that could be taken to deal with those who don not abide rules.

Respectfully yours,

Sales Personnel Manager.

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