Discussion Post One

Psychology can be defined as the study of the mental processes and their impact of the behavior. Cognitive theories focus on the study of cognition that can be defined as the development and functioning of mental processes. Cognitive theories seek to study how people observe, memorize and perform other operations like having conversations and solving problems. Cognitive theories are used in the study of learning environments like schools or in mental institutions for patients with cognitive disorders (Berger, 2011).

Psychoanalytic theory and the learning process

The learning process among young children stands to benefit greatly from psychoanalytic theories that address the reasons behind their varied language usage as well as physical development that occur in their childhood. Studies by Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson have produced outcomes that can be infused into the understanding the behavior of young students. Jean Piaget also made investigations into child development using psychoanalytic theories. This theory is indirectly aligned to the learning process in that it offers an approach to understanding children’s’ psychological status but not providing the techniques to apply in solving the issues (Vassiliki, 2012).


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