Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Innovation Climate There are diverse comparisons of innovative climates between the two organizations.

First, company B has better innovative climate because it highly encourages creativity. Therefore, there are high chances of producing better results due to increased creativity unlike in company B. Although company A also encourages creativity, it will perform better, but it would not out-compete company B, which has high creativity. In fact, creativity is vital for any organizations that may want to achieve success.

This is because through creativity, a company may be able to produce innovative products of high quality and quantity. This will increase the company’s productivity thus it will get more customers and eventually become a leader in the competitive market. Secondly, company B highly allows employees to solve the same problems and rewards those who are innovative more than company A.

Allowing employees to tackle solutions in diverse ways is crucial. Additionally, rewarding innovative employees is imperative because it encourages employees to work hard thus producing high productivity. Thus, company B is likely to increase its productivity, unlike company B. This is because company A does not highly reward their innovative workers and even allow employees to solve the same problem in various ways.

Hence, company B will become more successful than company A would be. This is due to favorable innovative climate offered in company B thus increased profitability in an organization. Thirdly, both organizations are flexible as well as open to change, which is fundamental in an innovative climate. The companies that are always flexible and open to change are likely to perform better. Change needs more coordination than normal task performance in an organization.

Change is a process, and it should be flexible since it is one way of creating a better innovative climate. Leaders should encourage their employees to create change in the production process so that they can produce high yields thus high profitability. An innovative climate should score highest in all dimensions; thus, change is necessary. Lastly, both companies reward their employees more in case they do not rock the boat.

This may affect the performances of both companies from achieving an innovative climate. Rewarding workers when they have not achieved the intended goals of the organizations is not fundamental. However, it is vital for a company to reward their employees when they have performed better. In fact, the climate represents the organizational behavior and attitudes that may affect the operational processes. Thus, it is imperative for managers to communicate and solve problems well to avoid affecting the performance of the company. Moreover, it is imperative for managers to learn proper ways of making proper decisions where necessary to create a successful innovative climate. Productivity will highly differ in a climate that supports innovation than a climate that does not.

A climate that supports innovation produces high quality and quantity of products unlike the one that does not support innovation. The innovative climate should have components of creativity, change and implementation. Innovation is all about product process production where innovative products require technology change, implementation of proper technology and creative skills. These fundamentally creates favorable climate for creating innovating products.

Sometimes, change might affect the nature of productions. Thus, an innovative climate should indicate the way a product innovation precedes improvement in the innovation process. In addition, climate that supports innovation contributes to better production of products that are highly marketable, unlike those products, in a climate that does not support innovation.

In order for a climate to support innovation well, organization culture should be taken into consideration. Culture comprises attitudes, experiences beliefs and values of a company. These are shared between the organizations groups in a working environment. Organization culture is fundamental in an innovative climate because they contribute to change. Nevertheless, an organizational climate with significance-shared perceptions supports better innovation for products. Due to increased competitiveness of products in the global market, high innovative climate produces productivity, which are highly marketable than products for a climate that does not support innovation.

I will rather work in company B due to the following reasons. First, the company highly encourages creativity. Companies that encourage creativity are likely to perform better. High performance not only maintains the reputation of the company but also benefits the entire staff members and general workers. In reality, an organization that encourages creativity has a better innovative climate. When leaders want to improve the innovative climate, they encourage creativity in a working environment. This is crucial because it benefits everyone in the organization; thus, employees will enjoy the benefits of the company. Another reason that will make me work in company B is due to recognition and better rewards to those who are innovative.

Organizations that recognize and award employees attract many workers. This is because workers prefer working in companies that have innovative climate because this benefits workers in one way or another. Usually companies that reward employees for coming up with new ways of working and encourage them to learn from mistakes usually perform better. This is because they attract highly and skilled workers from diverse areas who may contribute to better performance of the company.

Thus, company B will be an ideal place for working because of its perfect innovative climate.


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