Name: Course:Instructor: Date: Daisy My college career up to date includes my first year at Dean College where I majored in business administration and graduated with satisfactory results. The courses covered in business management are financial and managerial accounting, economics in both micro and macro, principles of management and marketing, foundation of business and computer and information technology. I also studied philosophy and history at the dean college and enjoyed it very much.

History courses included U.S history and world civilization. Philosophy covered introduction to philosophy, introduction to sociology and introduction to psychology. I also studied other courses like introduction to arts, calculus 1, composition and literature and introduction to short stories. Am currently in my sophomore year at dean college and I have changed my major to liberal studies. The reason for changing my major due to studying a wide variety of courses that enabled me to discover my interest in comparative literature, which I intend to choose as my major. The collapse of Arthur Anderson one of the big five audit companies affected me positively.

Arthur Anderson surrendered its rights to practice when it was convicted of obstruction of justice in the Enron Corporation bankruptcy scandal for shredding documents related to the Enron audit. This resulted to 85, 000, job loss, and my father was one of the financial consultant of this company. This influenced me to choose accounting subjects such as economics, mathematics critical thinking etc in my college level to understand more on international companies. I transferred to the U.S from china and learnt how firms in the same industry are able to compete with each other regardless of the country they are allocated. This I learnt is done through accounting and economics, which made me, study these subjects. Having been elected secretary of the international students association has made me realize that one needs to have good communication skills to run a business. This has made me change my major from economics to liberal studies.

The reason I want to transfer to your college is that I believe it offers the academic excellence am looking for. I feel that the University of Washington understands what I want to achieve in my career due to its emphasis on academic excellence. I want to be a top achiever in the country to contribute to my community, and the nation at large through the skills I will learn in university of Washington.

The other reason is that I want to be an established scholar in the future, which is only possible if I attend an established institution of serious learning like university of Washington. Another reason is that the University of Washington has a diverse learning system that caters for different student needs no matter how complicated the needs are. The university constantly up dates their system to keep up with the demands of new job market developments. My intended major is comparative literature, and my career aspiration is to run a business or a global organization.

For me to run a successful business, I must have excellent communication skills in order to understand the needs of the customers, their diversity and the current marketing and advertisement strategies. Communication is important in running an international business since it serves people from different cultures, language and national groups. I intend to study for this major after my sophomore year, which am preparing for by studying a variety of subjects now. I chose this major due to the interest I have developed for it. After finishing university, I will pursue a career that is communication related, since comparative literature deals with different national, culture and languages.

University of Washington will assist me achieve my goals through their emphasis on academic excellence that they have, and the support they offer to students. The level of education that is offered in this university is of a high standard and students are expected to perform excellently. My second major choice will be economics because my career aspiration for this major is to join the banking industry. Culture has influenced my life through interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. I have interacted with this entire people in different settings and have been able to relate, understand and form a friendship with them. These people include my neighbor who is Chinese, my best friend through high school who was Vietnamese and my mathematics teacher who was a Haitian. Each of them taught me something about their culture.

Being an international student from Hong Kong enabled me to interact with students from al backgrounds mostly Asians who were from Japan, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish among others. Culture has taught me to be a social person towards all kinds of people without being biased to anyone due to their ethnicity background. I have never been in a racial or ethnic conflict because I choose to focus on the common factors that other people from other backgrounds share with me rather than the cultural differences. Culture has taught me that no matter how different each society, race, ethnic group looks from the outside they all have something common with each other. In addition, every person should interact and learn the culture of others in order to understand that culture well because every culture has something distinctive to offer to others. Learning other cultures opens our minds to more ideas and to a new diverse world.

Culture has influenced my way of approaching, tackling and solving difficulties in my life. My cultural history has enriched me to love unity for all people, justice for everyone, peace of all nations and democracy for every person. My culture has challenged me to embrace other cultures and learn from them because it helps me a more rounded person. All this has been enriched by my Chinese culture of martial arts which teaches to embrace all the above and uphold discipline.


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