Data Driven Staff Development Name: School: Course/Number: October 14, 2011 Instructor Name: Data Driven Staff Development Today many ways of staff development have been used in the past.

However, teaching methods are changing and there is need for other strategies that improve and empower staff to provide better academic instructions that achieves maximum results. Teachers need better tools that can enhanced speedy decisions or save time used by studying information that might not be helpful today. Hence, considering the many arising technology that require students to learn more, teachers need help in making decisions concerning what instructions to give to students, what information and resources are required for easier and faster learning.

Hence, teachers need information at their finger tips if they are to keep up with the current trends in the society that are continuing to shape education since what was relevant decades ago may no longer be needed hence teachers need to be updated on any changes. One approach that educators an use for this purpose is the Data Driven decisions for Academic Achievement (D3A2), which is a powerful initiative that aims at developing the ability of educators and teachers in teaching through improving instructions for student achievement. The (D3A2) has tools to help in analyzing of data, guiding teachers to resources that are required such as lesson plans and assessments meant to address needs of the students. It provides resources and data to all involved in academic provision such s teachers, educators and parents as well as students in an easily and appropriate way for all to understand. The data is provided in graphs and charts among other formats that provide a comparison and an analysis of student and school performance at a district level hence providing educators with a good data for evaluation.

The D3A2 also provides information to teachers about what instruction can provide best results within the shortest time hence giving a chance for covering much more in less time. With such tools, teachers are empowered to provide instruction to students hence staff development will actually be easier as opposed to training them in long courses that might not yield much. With the D3A2, teachers have a daily tool for making decisions concerning their students since they are able to evaluate, benchmark, and know the current position of their students’ performance through a wide range of resources from the D3A2 database. D3A2 provides information that is collected from many providers who are specialist in the information they provide. Some of these resource providers are Cleveland Municipal School District, Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science and Reading. They ensure to provide the best resources to develop teachers’ skills and knowledge to capacitate their abilities in delivering instruction.

More of information provided does include activities and video resources. With this information, development of staff is easy since all information required is provided by D3A2 in an easy format. D3A2 provides a resource exchange that is available for educators who want to use it. D3A2 come with professional development information meant to teach the teachers how to make good use of this program. Considering that D3A2 seek to achieve a data-centric culture and instructions based on data, it is important that teachers are provided with information of how best to make use of this tool considering most have been used to one method of professional development. D3A2 provides for experimental knowledge that allows teachers to try its effectiveness.

This program also gives teachers an opportunity to develop their skills in some of the applications used such as software applications, internet e-mail knowledge, and curriculum integration among other skills. D3A2 is one program that is designed to capacitate and improve the abilities of teachers in providing best instructions and making decisions about their students depending on the data it provides based on students performance. This allows teachers to develop their skills in coming up with the best curriculum for their students depending on their needs as opposed to repeating what they have been teaching previously all the time. This gives them an opportunity to diversify their teaching methods to incorporate all kinds of students while at the same time developing their profession further. Providing this program to teachers that allow them to exchange resources and benchmark with the rest of the school and the district as whole is a fine way of developing their skills since it provides information aimed at improving their ability to deliver high performance from the students.


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