California Education Budget Problem

Education in California is experiencing challenges because of inadequate funds. The national budget has cut education funds, and it has affected schools all over the country. Schools in California have removed some activities in their system, as a way of reducing operation costs in the school. Some of the programs include art, drama and music. Students have to pay, for them to participate in sports and their transportation. Schools can no longer go for field trips since there are no funds to finance such activities (California legislature et al, 57). The available money is used on the most essential programs only. Parents are involved in schools’ funding in order to maintain the standards of schools. For instance, some schools have asked parents to buy sports uniform for their children. Other schools could not afford laboratory requirements for science subjects. Therefore, they asked parents to pay a fee for laboratory supplies. Schools are unable to make copies of information from overhead. Students have to use hand written copies since there is no money to make copies for all students. All these shortcomings have affected teachers, students and parents (Feather & Aznal, 23).

California education budget deficit can be solved by bridging the gap in the national budget deficit. It is the main reason why every sector is receiving limited funds. The national deficit was brought by economic recession as well as the continued poor performance of the economy. The tax structure needs to be reformed as a step in eliminating budget deficit. There are several tax reliefs, which were passed by former President Bush. They cost California State about $18.2 billion (California Legislative et al, 149). They should be reviewed and evaluated if they are viable. The authorities should be keener on tax fraud and point out all areas, which should pay tax. A lot of money is lost through these frauds. If it would be recovered, there would be more revenue to meet the State’s expenditure. California citizens should be ready to cooperate with the government in solving education problems. Improving education is not only the government’s responsibility even citizen have a role to play (Legislative et al, 111).


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