Intelligences Name: Course: Date: Intelligences From the intelligence assessment, I possess three top intelligences. First, I believe my highest intelligence is in the interpersonal category. I favor group work.

I like making friends and being in their company makes me contented. I understand things better when I study them with someone else. Secondly, I possess great musical intelligence. Listening to music is a special pastime to me. When I am immersed into a song, it makes me feel ecstatic. I also like making my own music, I am good at playing several kinds of musical instruments, and I sometimes make my own compositions. Lastly, I enjoy playing with numbers hence my high score in the logical-mathematical intelligence category. My interest in math and science began at a tender age, and since then I have been able to nurture and develop my interest in both subjects.

I relish mathematical challenges. From the intelligence assessment, I was able to come up with a list of my strengths and weaknesses. My weaknesses are mostly derived from the linguistic and naturalistic intelligence categories. I am poor in writing, and I struggle to sustain conversations with friends. Though I enjoy field trips, pets and wildlife, I have always performed poorly in projects that involve nature. I ignore most environmental issues, as well.

My strengths are numerous. I can use mathematical equations to solve complex problems, and I like to analyze situations before I jump into conclusions. I also prefer practice as a way of learning how to do things. I also take pleasure in teaching others what I already know, and offer assistance to those who are in need. Lastly, I always have a vision of where I would like to be, and I am always working to achieve my goals.


I'm Katy!

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