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Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie CTQ 3

This is the story about a family that has an abusive father. Kambili is a shy young girl that has been brought up by a father that results to abuse whenever there is a misunderstanding in the family. Kambili who is the protagonist was given a painting of her grandfather that had recently passed on. She kept it as a memento that she liked to look at as it reminded her of her late grandfather. Her father however had a different relationship with Kambili’s grandfather. When he saw the painting, he got mad. He was enraged and reacted badly. He beat Kambili up senselessly until she was unconscious. He also shredded the painting to pieces. The painting could not be salvaged. The beating was so severe that Kambili had to be admitted in a hospital for treatment.

Kambili responded by not going back home. Immediately after she was discharged from the hospital, she goes to live at her aunt’s house. She did not go back to her father’s house until her mother was beaten up and hospitalized just like her. This whole incident made Kambili increase her confidence. She was now able to voice out her opinion. This is visible by the fact that her relationship with her cousin improved after this incident. The altercation therefore played a crucial role in her life as it made her come out of her shell. She became a more confident person. Thus, even though the beating was uncalled for, it had an unseen benefit attached to it. Kambili became an outspoken person and were it not for the beating she would still be shy.


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