Question 1

The effectiveness of a marketing plan mainly depends on operational indicators. Identification of the goals is one such indicator. One obvious goal of a marketing plan rests with attracting new customers and retaining them. The importance of this indicator serves to establish whether the marketing has achieved its main purpose of attracting new customers. If it has not, then it has failed. Another indicator of the plan’s effectiveness can be achieved by tracking new sales and making inquiries over the services and products. This indicator will serve to establish how the consumers came to know about the product or service. Once established, the medium that customers found out through should be relied upon most. Another effectiveness indicator is comparing the sales revenue before the marketing plan was employed and after it was employed. This will serve to conclude whether the rate of sales has gone up due to proper marketing. .

Question 2

Strategic alliance entails several inter-organizational relationships that enlarge the objectives of the involved organizations. Strategic alliances are capable of controlling costs, increasing quality and accessibility of care, increase health system influence, and increase personnel acquiring ability. It is fundamental for physicians to involve themselves in program priorities and strategic planning. In this case, the administrator requires clinical expertise to have an understanding of the alliance’s implications. As the hospital’s administrator, I would seek an audience with the physician before putting my signature on the contract. I would then ask the physician to involve himself with the team on planning strategies. He would then have to report back why he thinks the alliance would not best suite the hospital. The physician would have an opportunity of suggesting other alliances he feels would best suit the hospital. Physicians should be considered assets in a hospital that are grounded on quality.


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