Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Career Interests In the world of business, a degree with an inclination to business and information technology given the diversity of modern businesses, as well as the new wave of technological advancements from an organizational perspective is important. This is because it enables individuals to ensure their ability to execute tasks in line with the technological advancements in a business setting.

Essentially, as a student, I aim to become the best in my field of information technology. This would provide me with the avenues for pursuing the much needed education advancements, as well as individual progress. I aim at completing my degree in information technology with a strong emphasis in business with a high grade.

This is essential, as it would enable me to ensure that I remain competitive in the employment market. Furthermore, it would also provide me with an opportunity to explore a graduate course in Masters of management of information systems, required for my ambition to become a chief information officer. With a bachelor’s degree in information systems, I would be able to enjoy and explore both the technological aspects of my career, as well as increase my knowledge and interests in the business field. Furthermore, I intend to complete my graduate program, which could increase my competitiveness in the employment market. I would also be able to have relevant knowledge, which could be used to advance my individual interest, such as starting my own enterprise in handling information technology based products for diverse clients around the world.

Essentially business knowledge is also applicable in my individual life such as handling my expenses and handling of my wealth. As a manager, I aim to acquire relevant business knowledge applicable in any organization irrespective of the field of operation of an entity.


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