Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Question B Having a record of events in my life would be fantastic. I would like to take videos of my life, every single memorable event. It would be good to have video recordings of events that have a significant impact on my life.

The videos would also help me relive the desirable moments and events of my life. A collection of videos of my life will also help me to understand and discover patterns or inconsistencies in my daily routine. If I had the ability, I would place cameras everywhere I went so that I can record all these events and activities. I would like to recall those outstanding moments of my life. A video record of my high school or college graduation, my first trip outside the country and recording me while sleeping will be very intriguing. I chose the above events because the first two are events that I would want to relive later on in my life and recall the fantastic moments.

I chose to record my sleep because this is mainly an unconscious moment in my life. A video collection of me sleeping will enable me discover what happens while I am asleep. I would like to discover my sleeping patterns and the movements I make while sleeping. Watching a video of my sleep is captivating and enlightening. Sleep represents part of my life that I am completely unaware of what is happening.

Having a record of my sleep will also enable me to generate patterns that relate the day’s events with the way I eventually sleep during the night. Not only that but it will also be interesting to find out whether my sleeping patterns influence my moods or the way I act during the day. These will be entertaining revelations in my life. Having video recordings of my life will assist me to identify fascinating patterns in routine activities while offering me the opportunity to enjoy exceptional past events.


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