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Definition paper

Love is an indescribable pleasurable feeling that is evoked in us by an unknown power towards other people, animals or objects. Love is immeasurable; it cannot be quantified nor compared to anything. It is not a choice, and comes naturally. No person can force love on himself or herself, it is generated independently and is boundless. A person may develop a love for someone or something that they do not like. Love has no limits; it causes two different people or animals to love each other regardless of their differences in race, species, background, age, ethnicity, disability etc. Love generates feelings of caring towards the subject to a point of sacrificing self for that subject. A parent can go to any length to see that their child has food, shelter and clothes to wear even though they have to neglect their own needs. Love makes someone brave enough to face any fear in him or her in order to conquer or prove his or her love.

The love story of Shah Jahan an emperor in India and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal started in 1607. Shah Jahan, aged fourteen years old, caught a glimpse of a girl hawking silk and glass beads on Meena Bazaar while taking a stroll. He developed love for her instantly and told his father that he wanted to marry her. They got married five years later in the year 1602. His love for her was so great that when she died at childbirth in 1631 he promised to build the richest mausoleum over her grave. Shah Jahna built the most beautiful monument in memory of his beloved wife, which took twenty-two years, and a labor force of twenty two thousand workers to construct it. The monument, which is known as Taj Mahal, still stands today and is among the Seven Wonders of the World.

Love makes people show concern for the oppressed, the vulnerable, and the weak and does not encourage exploitation. People come together and form organizations that look after the welfare of children, the marginalized communities, and persons with disability. Love is not greedy it causes a person to share what they have with those that do not have. People give their resources to charities to help victims of war, hunger and calamities. Love offers protection to the abused, the homeless, the sick and the aged in society. Some people choose to adopt children to offer them a better life even though they have their own children. Love forgives all wrongs without holding grudges. Parents offer their children all the support they need when they make wrong choices in life without giving up on them and harboring any ill feelings towards them.

Love is unconditional; no one can control his or her love depending on a situation to suit the mood. A husband and wife still love each other even when they have disagreed and are angry at each other. The love they have for each other cannot be switched off regardless of the situation. Love is patient towards other people and is never selfish. Loving parents never lose their temper with their child because they cannot talk or walk instead they teach them slowly. When you love someone, you wish the best towards that person and rejoice in their happiness.


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