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Question one

The total amount entitled to Bill will be the sum of the money in his savings account and checking account. The expression will be as follows: amount in savings + amount in checking = X + 2000

Question two


Therefore, 20 t-shirts will amount to 310 dollarsy=15x+10. This is the expression for the amount of money required for purchasing the t-shirts.145>=15x+10135>=15×27>=3×9>=xyou are therefore capable of purchasing 9 shirts at 145 dollars.

Question three

We are informed that the coat is retailing at ? its original price. In this case, the retail price is 120 dollars. The original price ‘p’ in this case can be established through the equation 3/4p = 120. Therefore, to solve for ‘p’, both sides of the equation will be multiplied by 4 through cross multiplication.

4 x 3/4p = 4 X 120

3p = 480

From this point, we will need to divide both sides by 3 in order to remain with the value of ‘p’. Therefore, we can establish that the price value ‘p’ is equal to 160 dollars.

Question four

The formula to this question is as follows. Interest = Principle x Rate x Time. from the question, we learn that Jamie wants to earn an extra 500 dollars after depositing 200 dollars account. From the above, we can ascertain that the 500 dollars are the interest, and the 2000 dollars are the principle. The question already provides the interest rate as 2.5 per cent. After substituting the values to the formula, the following is attained.

500 = 2000 x 2.5% x Time

500/500 = 50/50/ x Time

Therefore, the time Jamie should wait to earn 500 dollars in her account is ten years.

Question five

According to the question, we are to begin at a point with coordinates (3, 4). After advancing three blocks northwards, the coordinates will be as follows: (3, 4 + 3) = (3, 7). On the other hand, after advancing to the west on a distance of six blocks, the coordinates will be as follows: (3 – 6, 7) = (-3, 7)

Question six

The point of intersection implies where the lines X and Y bear equal points. The first graph line X is equal to 1 and line Y is equal to -2. The aspect behind this lies behind the fact that the point of intersection of the two lines is the point where they are equal.


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