The goal of our quantitative experimental research is to gather evidence that allows a reasonable conclusion. This should be done with a representative sample so that the conclusion can reasonably be generalized to a larger population.

Unfortunately, threats to data validity are unexceptional. External forces may introduce interference that impact results. The specific research study on atis (annona squamosa) leaves and seeds as an effective mosquito repellent attempts to implement good practices. The description of these procedures will begin with the sample selection process, will continue through the research implementation plan, and will conclude with an examination of the means by which the resulting data were analyzed. The sampling technique used in this study is a type of non-probability sampling, specifically purposive sampling. (Guarte, 2004) Described purposive sampling as a selection of units within the whole parameter of the population with the most information on the characteristic or topic of interest. The researchers used this type of sampling since most cases of mosquito-borne diseases are not isolated or does not happen in one area.

This research study measured changes in one dependent variable that hypothetically resulted from manipulations of two variables. The two independent variables were the amount of time elapsed from the start of the experiment and the repellent used. The subjects of the study are people living in cramped up and considerably unsanitary areas in Cebu and Lapu-Lapu City.

This was practical for the researchers since the study’s primary concern is mosquito-borne diseases and those areas are more likely prone to mosquitoes. As of January, this year, 1, 121 dengue cases were reported in the area, according to SunStar Cebu. It was a large population but the researchers opted to go with non-probability sampling specifically, purposive sampling, since the reports are occurring in varying areas and there are no observable patterns with the case whatsoever.


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