2.1 History of Grand HyattAccording to the Investor Fact Book of Hyatt Hotel Corporation (2014), the first Grand Hyatt Hotel is opened in 1980 in New York. Pritzker family bought the old Commodore Hotel in 1977 for $1 in Manhattan from Donald J. Trump. And Pritzker family spent $1 billion to rebuild the Commodore Hotel into Grand Hyatt Hotel. (CHARLES V. BAGLI, 1996)2.2 Development and Growth of Grand HyattThe Grand Hyatt is one of the Hotel Brand in Hyatt Hotel Corporation. Under the development by the Hyatt Hotel Corporation. Grand Hyatt set up their hotel in the major resort destinations and gateway cities around the world. (Grand Hyatt, n.d.) From 1980 to now, there are 47 Grand Hyatt Hotel around 21 countries. There are 24393 rooms. Each hotel has 350-1600 rooms. (Grand Hyatt eBrochure, n.d.) For the future development, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has entered into a management agreement with Lotte Tour Development Co., Ltd. for a Grand Hyatt branded hotel. The new Grand Hyatt Hotel will build up in Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea. The new hotel is expected to be the second largest Grand Hyatt hotel in the world. (Hyatt Hotel Corporation, 2017)2.3 Key competitors of Grand HyattGrand Hyatt Hotels is one of the most famous of luxury hotels in the world.  It is the core brand of the Hyatt Hotel Corporation, which offers hospitality services targeted primarily to business travellers and upscale vacationers. The firm’s hotel chains provide the upscale, full service to the guest. The major competitors are the other luxury hotels. For example, the luxury hotels in Hilton, Starwood and Marriott hotel group. 2.4 Company Mission and VisionAccording to the Grand Hyatt (n.d.), the Grand Hyatt Hotels aims to make every moment to become memorable and achieve their commitment. Grand Hyatt hotels want to create experiences beyond the customer’s expectation and unlock the extraordinary in every moment. All of the Grand Hyatt hotel is designed to provide a hub for the guest and reflect their own distinct environment. Grand Hyatt hotels offering guests first-class accommodations, superior service and an abundance of options within a backdrop of dramatic architecture and innovative design to exemplify the pursuit of the life lived grandly .2.5 Organizational Culture The Grand Hyatt is the core brand of the Hyatt Hotel Corporation. The Hyatt Hotel Corporation has over 85,000 associates around the world. Their well-trained staff provide authentic hospitality and strive to make a difference in the lives of the guests they encounter every day. This is the reason why Grand Hyatt succeed. Besides that, the culture in their company has been built a long development history. The tradition of innovation and excellence, a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and a passionate commitment to delivering the most rewarding experience possible to their guests, their employees and their development partners.


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