(2) Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light            Who doesnot want to wake up in an ambience that is calm and refreshing? Waking up isseen as the most difficult task for many people these days. The love for sleepand the disorder life may cause issues to the lives of most people. If you needa change in life, then it must start right from your sleeping habits.

The LumieBodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light is the best wake up light that can help inmaking those changes. It can be used instead of multiple products such asclock, alarm, light and FM radio. People with seasonal affective disorders canuse this best wake up light in order to get maximum effect at the start oftheir day. People with physical or sleepdeficiencies are greatly benefitted by the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250. The dawnsimulator costs you much lesser money than the other similar products.

Thebattery backup and efficient brightness control comes really handy for manypeople. The wakeup sounds can be customized upon the requirement. There are 6different sound effects available in the wakeup sounds that are not annoying atall. The display is easy to read and the buttons really help in selecting theoptions easily. The light fades when you sleeps and offers the requiredbrightness for you to use it as a bedside lamp also. The cons being experienced with thewake up light is that only military time is there.

The display light is sobright to light the entire room and can be annoying at times. It cannot also beprogrammed ahead of the time. You can set the alarm only once so that it can beused only as a wake up alarm. The design is also not a great positive to users.

If you have checked the wake up light reviews, then you might have found otherproducts with better design than this one.A good balance between the cost andthe usefulness is managed in the Bodyclock Active 250 wake up light. It can betermed as the best wake up light in the price range it comes at. It aligns withthe sunrise and sunset in a better way and offers you with the best wakeupexperience. The FM radio, snooze feature, dimmable lighting and multiplelanguages are features that make the product different from other wake up lightreviews. The sunrise simulated from the clock gradually brightens over the 1hour the alarm operates.

There are also white noise and wave sounds to helppeople sleep making it a really audacious purchase for all types of people. 


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