2. Literature

The Indian economy has gained
considerable momentum over the last one decade, by achieving and sustaining an
annual GDP growth rate of over 7 percent. This high growth rate can be in part attributed
to the growing contribution of the export sector to the economy. But, there are
a lot of problems faced by Indian exporters like quality, unpredictive costs,
insufficient information of trading system, supply problems, infrastructural
gridlock, etc.

1.      Poor Quality Image: “Made in India” does not enjoy a nice
reputation in the international markets unlike Japan , China; which are given
as textbook example for dependable quality. Carelessness, lack of automation
and lack of proper export culture are to be blamed.

2.      Unreliability: Apart from quality, Indian exporters
are regarded as unreliable people to do business with because of not fulfilling
the  actual terms, defective products,
defaulting after acceptance of payment.

3.      Insufficient information on trading system: The expansion of internet
has taken the world by storm, any kind of information is easily available on
the internet. However in India, because of lack of resources and online trade
platforms it becomes difficult to establish communication via the electronic
means across other countries.

4.      Supply problems: Exporters sometimes don’t have
adequate amount of product quantity to fulfill the requirements of buyers.

The overall objective of Zauba is to develop
a seamless platform to overcome all the problems and difficulties in the import
and export business. Zauba has conceptualized to build a platform which will allow
buyers/sellers to do trade without the risk of loosing their resources, Zauba
provides a solution by taking care of the exports by providing the latest
trends, competitive prices and best available quote to the buyers depending
upon the quality, inspection, packaging, transportation and delivery charges.
Zauba allows to import/export in small quantities directly from the manufacturers/buyers,
and multiple products in a single consignment; these consignments are inspected
for any kind of discrepancies 


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