3. the development of the project goes forward.



The purpose of quality control in the IT system that is being
developed for Yuconz, it will focus on the deliverables that have been
specified in the project. It will also focus to monitor that the set
deliverables are complete, correct and of a reasonable quality, as the
development of the project goes forward.

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3.1 Quality of Deliverables

1.      A document
standard will be set across all documentation in this project which will be
consistent. All documentation will be checked against the standard in the
Document Review.


3.2  Quality
control activities


§  Document

Document reviews will be done to ensure that the quality and
information in the related documents is relevant and of up-to-date.  Such information will have been logged with appropriate
file names and will contain the relevant information. The set documentation
will be a consistent format which will be easy to read and understand.


§  Code Review

Code review will be done in by pair programming and informal
walkthroughs which is documented in further detail in the document Software
test, fault and bug reporting, code standard


§  Testing

The system will be tested against the functional and
non-functional requirements set by customer and the defined acceptance
criteria. The results of the testing will be documented and the appropriate







3.3 Quality Log

The Quality log will be a table that contains the following
to identify that the proper activities have taken place to ensure that the
recorded quality checks have been done and that there’s written documentation
as evidence:

The id and the importance of the deliverable for
the Yunconz IT system, communication will be done to check the importance of
the requirement.

The requirements/deliverables
of the Yuconz IT system that will be tested for acceptable quality level.
The quality standards and customer
satisfaction criteria established for the project deliverable. Included
are any organizational standards that need to be followed.


The quality control activities that
will be executed to check the quality of the deliverables.


How often or when the quality control
activity will be performed.


The name of the person responsible for
carrying out and reporting on the quality control activity.

following table shows what the log will look like with an example of how the
information within the Quality log will be represented


ID of requirement/

Project Deliverable

Deliverable Quality
Customer Satisfaction

Quality Control Activity


Who is Responsible


Software functionality A

The software overall is free from defects
Customer/ End user is happy with functionality
and experiences no errors.

Non-developer (independent) testing of X.

As released for testing by developer and before X
moves between alpha, beta, and production releases.

Name- role


Quality Control Problem Tracking:

In the case that the any of the software that we use gets
corrupted or we are unable to use the software for tracking quality control the
following log will be used as an alternative. To look at problem tracking for
quality control see DOCUMENT F

ID Number