Atpresent, the rate of youth crime is continuouslyincreasingall over the world. In this essay,reasons for the increase in youth crime and some of the possible solutions willbe discussed.     Thefirst reason is family.That is, the way a childis raised up from his/her family is relatedto the increase of youth crime. Youthswith broken family are more likely to commit crime than those with warm family.Thisis because youths with broken family have no one to guidewhat is right and what is wrong.

In addition, youthswho grow up in a violent family have the risk of commit crime.     The secondreason is financial problem. Youths from lowincome family struggle, and this may influence them to commit crime.Toclarify, they may decide to do something illegally for their survival.Also,materialism is related to the increase of youth crime.Someyouths need money to fulfill their needs.

 Although the youth crime rate is getting higher from the reasonsmentioned above, there are some possible solutions forthis problem. The first solution isto strengthen the relationship between family members.Thiscan be done by guiding and reminding parents that warm family is the key tolower youth crime. The second solutionis to educate the youths about financial management and making financial plan.Withthis solution, financial problem will be solved permanently. In conclusion thereare ways to tackle such problems. Firstly, one of theways to combat the problem is to have stricter punishment.

Although,as discussed above, it can be outside factors that lead to crime, it is stillimportant to have severe punishments To deter teenagers from crime.Alltoo often, because they are young, the courts are too they too should bepunished if their children commit crime.To sum up several factors have led to increases inyouth crime, but measures are available to tackle this problem.             


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