One of the waysMarriott International influences their guests to return to their hotels is bycreating a reward program where they can earn points every time they stay at aMarriott location. An example from the video is the guy that stays in a hotel roomabout 5 days a week every week- and has more than a million points saved up toredeem. Michael Kasavana mentions in his book, “Many guests say that the mostimportant factor that brings them back to a hotel are the quality of serviceand the property’s overall cleanliness and appearance” (23). One thing I wantto mention about the influence of returning guests, is all the MarriottInternational Hotels around theworld have very similar goals, visions, and services.

This allows the guests toknow what to expect when it comes to service and their experience, especiallyif they are going to a different Marriot location than their previous visit. Also,Marriott International franchises otherhotels 


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