4 Implications of the study                                  

The study has strategic
and practical implications for online retailers, online shoppers, academicians
and researchers. The implications of the study are mentioned below

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6.4.1 Implications
of the study for researchers and academicians


The study has implications for
academicians and research scholars in terms of

research scope in this area of
online retailing. Although this research has addressed some major issues on
consumer behavior of online shoppers in Kerala, this field of research has
ample opportunities for further explorations. Studies need to be conducted from
time to time to track changes in the perception and behavioral patterns of
online shoppers.



6.4.2 Implications
of the study for online Shoppers


It was seen that the online
shoppers in Kerala are not so aware about cash saving options like

Cashback Sites, e-wallets ,
Reward points and card cashbacks. These options can save substantial money, if
used wisely. Hence price cautious shoppers of Kerala need to understand and use
such cash saving options. It seems that, most of the Kerala online shoppers are
not using the online selling options. Websites like OLX, Quikr, ebay etc
provides services to sell our used / unused items, and capitalizing on this opportunity,
may help us to get rid of unwanted items and earn some money as well.



6.4.3 Implications
of the study for online retailers


Online shopping is appealing to
those consumers who seek price advantage, convenience and perceive greater
advantages in online shopping over shopping in traditional stores. Marketers
must communicate consumers that online shopping can be convenient, safe and
simple to use and also saves money.


It is found through this study
that online shoppers in Kerala are predominately

Male, young and educated .Promotional
strategies can be targeted like wise. There is also a need to promote online
shopping among the other segments like mid and old age people, females and less
educated peoples so as to increase the sales.


Building online trust is an
essential component for ecommerce companies to succeed in their endeavors, as transactions
are more impersonal and anonymous and this affects consumer’s purchase
intentions. Thus online retailers should build web sites that are not only
useful, secure and respect privacy, but are also trustworthy. There should be a
promise to safeguard personal information. There is a need for online retailers
to develop a comprehensive privacy policy for their customers on the disclosure
of personal information in order to lessen their concerns for privacy. There
should also be an option for customers to request for the removal of their
personal information from online retailer’s databases.


Credibility is extremely
important in online businesses as people buy mainly on

the basis of information given in
the websites. It is important to incorporate maximum information about the product,
 seller rating, Guarantee / Warranty,
expiry date, Return / Refund Policy etc. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) can
be incorporated. More information on the security of consumer’s transactions,
payment methods / policies, shipping and handling costs etc. should also be
given. It was seen that more than 85% of online shoppers in Kerala prefers to
“Serach Online and buy online” . Hence, providing a provision to compare prices
and features with competing products becomes an important feature for online
retailers to satisfy information needs . 
In addition, online businesses can increase consumer’s confidence by
including customer support options like email / Chat / Call / Call back, so
that consumers can easily communicate with the retailers. The study indicated
that a Key factors that prompts to shop the desired product from a particular
Website are better Customer Support and Website reputation


To handle security and trust
concerns, etailers would offer Cash on Delivery (COD) options, Free Trail
period, money back guarantees etc. These approaches would help reduce the fear buying
from a new website .Further association with rating agencies would help to gain
trust and acceptance. As the Internet users miss the opportunity to directly
judge the quality of the merchandise, Option for experiencing the product, at
least for high value items will also reduce the perceived risk in purchasing of
a new item like jewelry. Providing the opportunity to ‘feel’ the product like
showing three dimensional pictures and integrating online and brick &
mortar operations are some other methods to build confidence. It can be
concluded that the design of the online store environment must be able to
deliver higher levels of trust, which are associated with higher willingness to
shop online.



It is important to reduce post-purchase
dissonance and make customer do repeat purchase and to become even a regular
online shopper. After-sales service is also important.



Price, Offers and Discounts are
one major criteria for consumers preferring to buy online. Appropriate offers
should be planned and to be communicated well. Since information search and
social media usage are an important activity of respondents in the Internet and
Search Engine  , Social media are
identified as the major factors that prompts to identify a new website for
online shopping, targeted advertisements through Google and social medias can
be done effectively . However , as the Promotional emails  , 
Blogs and SMS has comparatively less influence among shoppers  on identifying a new website , it can reduced
.Willingness to customize is considered as an indication of company’s
benevolence and consideration of consumers’ needs and requirements.



As the usage of Mobile phones for
online shopping is increasing drastically, apps and appropriate contents for
mobile phones should be made available.


It was found that one of the main
reasons for purchasing online was to buy things

that were not available in the
nearby places.. Another reason for purchasing online found was to try
innovative products. As a result rare and innovative products could prove to be
another key to success for online retail outlets.


In the event of a problem with
the item as if the product received is not what the consumer ordered or what
they expected, consumers are concerned with the ease with which they can return
an item for the correct one or for a refund. By providing superior return facilities,
online retailers can encourage online shopper’s especially first time shoppers
to do repetitive purchasing and may be able to convert them into loyal online



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