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5 Useful Applications for Online Learners You Need to KnowNowadays, taking a skill course or getting a college degree is very easy with just a few clicks on the internet. The thing you need to prepare is knowledge and some useful applications that help you learn more effectively. This article will teach you how to learn effectively online with the applications that every online learner must know.What are the necessary online learning applications for learners?With today’s technology, passionate learners can enhance their skills and knowledge in support of their work through online courses. However, managing an online learning plan is not easy. That is why you need to have the applications that can help you organize and manage eLearning courses. Fortunately, you can find five of them by reading the list below:1.  Camtasia for editing visual contentCamtasia is a video editing software and video recorder. It allows you to capture all actions on your computer screen and can convert them into a video file. You can record an application, a full screen, a window, a region or your face if you have a webcam. Camtasia also enables you to record the audio on your through a microphone. To edit the content you have recorded, Camtasia provides many basic video editing tools. You can add effects, adjust audio, cut pictures, insert subtitles, titles, captions and many other effects. In fact, editing tools of Camtasia are considered to be the best video editing software.You can use Camtasia for online learning in many ways. Teachers can use it to record live lecture videos and watch them when you are convenient or when you’re free, but there’s no internet available. 2. Skype for communicationSkype is a complete communications tool for seamless communication through text, video and international calls. By using Skype, you can create and maintain strong communication with your customers and employees remotely. It has a lot of amazing collaboration features like video conferencing, video chat,  instant messaging, group chat, document sharing, and photos. Skype is a free and popular classroom application, with a large capacity and many add-on features. Teachers and trainers can use connect with their learners in an online learning environment via Skype. 3. Twitter support networkingTwitter is the best social network to keep you up to date on your important people and professional news. Although unofficial than LinkedIn, it offers many opportunities to connect with thought leaders and engage with them.As mentioned above, Twitter allows you to track online training professionals, contribute to online seminars, participate in a discussion of a topic via the #hastag card. You can integrate Twitter with the Learning Management System to communicate with fellow learners of the same course or course communication. It is the fact that Twitter is considered as one of the most effective social networks for learning social networking and building effective collaboration between online learners and Elearning instructors.4. SurveyMonkey for researchWhen it comes to surveying and market research, Servey Monkey is a leading online tool you should not ignore. Even the free version also provides a clear, easy-to-understand user interface and helps attract customers, employees. You can easily create an online survey while you have almost no time, and can also read and synthesize the results with ease.Servey Monkey can be used to collect learner feedbacks; this can help faculty members conduct an on-the-job training course to evaluate the success rate of the course and to improve the online course to suit the learner. It can be used to send post-course assessments with questions to collect feedback on course contributions to understanding learners. In general, SurveyMonkey allows you to improve the design of the course.5. ProofHubProodHub is a project management software that can help you make your plan, organize, collaborate and deliver online learning plans easily and quickly. This application includes a lot of great features including testing, time tracking, reporting, task management, Gantt charts, discussions, and more. ProofHub can be integrated with Dropbox Google Drive or OneDrive accounts.ProofHub is a great tool for online learning groups that can connect to each other. It also allows you to start a discussion, schedule a meeting, set up a timeline, and connect with your team members. Bottom LineThe tools, if used properly, will help you to manage your next Elearning online learning project more easily. As an eLearning manager, all of these things can make your life simpler. So, try these apps and see how they work for you and your team.