5 simple ways to be happy everyone has their own way to be happy. People found happiness by buying cars house furniture or a good job but it is all temporary happiness.

You are surrounded by many people but you are not feeling happy and good because may be you are ignoring something or doing something wrong. Here we have the five simple ways to be happy always- 1- be grateful be grateful to the people around you and always remember that they were there with you in all your trouble. The best way is to write a gratitude journal. Write the things you are grateful with reasons and read them daily.

Feel the gratitude for each blessing. When you feel down and have an emotional breakdown this journal will definitely help you. Try to be happy with what you have achieved.

2- meet your friends and family warm encounters with relatives make us feel happy even if everything is bad and it seems that there is no reason for joy spending an evening with those who care about you it always raises your energy. Schedule a day in a week to meet your friends and parents. Never hesitate to share your problems with them. 3- exercise sport helps people overcome difficulties and love their own body. Scientists conducted the following study: a group of volunteers first read the book for 40 minutes and then went for sports for 40 minutes. Six such lessons were conducted. After reading people were asked to describe their figure; they did the same after the training.

It turned out that after only 40 minutes of exercise volunteers had increased their self-esteem: they spoke much better about their forms and weight than after reading the book. Low self-esteem often prevents us from feeling happy. 4- plan something new every week plan something new like repair in the apartment a vacation to another city party at home. It will make you happy and will distract you from the problems.

Take random trips to new places with friends and family. 5- take care of yourself may be you are so busy but never ignore your health. Make yourself mentally physically emotionally and spiritually strong. Eat good and healthy food. Read good books educate yourself. Shop for yourself.

Make yourself happy by doing for yourself. Of course you will have bad and good days try to turn a bad day to a good day. If you will be in good mood you will make everyone around you happy. Find happiness in little things.

And last but not the least always try to help others. It gives you immense happiness to see others happy. Enjoy your life to the fullest and love yourself.


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