5.     Considering that Mars is about 670 millionkilometers from the Earth, the cost of the ride works out to about Rs.6.

7 perkilometre – cheaper than what even autorickshaws charge anywhere in India!.4.     ISRO will be the fourth space agency inthe world after National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US,Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) and European Space Agency to havesuccessfully undertaken a mission to Mars.3.     Mangalyaan is the first spacecraft to belaunched outside the Earth’s sphere of influence by ISRO in its entire historyof 44 years. 2.     Those manufacturing from claimingMangalyaan took 15 months same time nasa took five A long time will completeexpert.1.

     Those orbiter weighs 1,350-kg, which willbe considerably short of what the weight about a normal sports utility vehicle. 1.      Mangalyaanwill watch nature’s turf for defaces Also search for different components suchas methane (marsh gas), which may be a conceivable pointer from claimingexistence. It will likewise search for Deuterium-Hydroden proportion and otherimpartial constants.  Donegenuine terms, At disseminated again the number about 1.

2 billion, each indianneed contributed Rs. 4 for every towards those mission. ThoseMangalyaan mission cosset india $73 million (~Rs. 450 crores) which will beIndeed going less expensive over an eight path span done mumbai which cosset$340 million. It is less those plan for film “Gravity” which might have beensomething like $105 million Furthermore something like one-tenth about thething that the us need went through once MAVEN, settling on it undoubtedlythose practically expense profit investigation inter-planetary space missionshould bring ever been embraced anyplace in the world!. ·        Benefits of the mission3.     Experts have also pointed out that theMangalyaan will be the first Isro spacecraft that will exit the Earth’s orbitand travel at least925,000 km in a heliocentric cruise phase where it will haveto survive the gravitational pull of the Sun and other planets.

2.     A Arunan, project director of the Marsmission, also predicted that the Orbiter might face a fuel crunch if it facesany orbital deviations in its journey1.     The first major challenge was on December1,2013 at 12:42 am, when the orbiter is given the trans-Mars injection as itmoves away from the Earth’s sphere of influence and enters the heliocentricorbit, also called the trans-Martian orbit. That the Mars orbiter has to go adistance of 200 million km to 400 million km is itself a big challenge.

When thespacecraft reached Mars in September 2014, the orbiter would have to be slowed,or it would disappear in space·        Challenges faced while implementing theproject.. Thiseffective four seconds blaze with respect to monday need remedied thetrajectory and need Additionally guaranteed that the rocket may be workingappropriately and will be prepared to those 24 minutes long terminating withrespect to september 24.Indianspace Scrutinize association (ISRO) authorities accounted for that theMangalyaan’s primary fluid motor test terminating might have been great. Themotor required been lying dormant to those orbiter’s whole voyage as such Alsoit might have been a worry if it will capacity effectively and auspicious oncerequest. Thosedefaces orbiter satellite from India, Mangalyaan, which need been looking intoan depleting voyage towards defaces since november 5, 2013, arrived at aparamount point of reference when it passed a vital test once Monday, september22, 2014.

·        Ethics 11.  B.jayakumar10.  S.Arunan9.

      MYSPrasad8.      AS.KiranKumar7.      Chandradathan6.

      PKunhikrishnan: He is the Mission Director for the launcher.5.      VAdimurthy: Mission Concept Designer of Mars Orbiter Mission.4.      SKShivakumar: Director of Isro Satellite Centre3.

      S Ramakrishnan: Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre and Member LaunchAuthorisation Board. A senior Isro scientist has more than four decades ofexperience in rocketry in the Indian space programme.2.       M Annadurai: He is the programme director of Mars Orbiter Mission.

1.      KRadhakrishnan: He may be those Director about Isro Furthermore secretary,division for space. He accepted a Padma Bhushan to 2014.Indiascripted history, The point when it effectively set the defaces mission donedefaces circle. For this, india gets to be those Initially and the main nationon draw something about this extent taking off china Furthermore japan behind.

We bring you those 11 brains behind Mangalyaan who aided set india in the worldclass club.·        Leadership and Stakeholders of Mars orbiermission Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), the ladyinterplanetary mission of ISRO, propelled on November 5, 2013 by PSLV-C25 gotembedded into Martian circle on September 24, 2014 in its first endeavor.Mother finishes 1000 Earth days in its circle, today (June 19, 2017) well pastits outlined mission life of a half year. 1000 Earth days compares to 973.24Mars Sols (Martian Solar day) and MOM finished 388 circles.·        IntroductionMARS ORBITER MISSION 2013  


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