Child labor is all over the world. In fact, 168 million kids are forced to do it! They are forced to work in the blazing sun or frigid cold. Child labor is a very horrible thing because it can be dangerous and/or unfair. Child labor isn’t good, but it’s happening to unlucky children. Especially unlucky because only a few children are paid for what they do! “According to the Pew Research Center, 21.

4 percent of children aged five to 17 are involved in child labor while 10.4 percent are engaged in hazardous work,” says 10 Shocking Child Labor Facts author Matt Berg. Child Labor even exists in America! Even though it has a law to stop it, some places have a law that allows kids that are younger to work longer and more dangerous jobs.  According to Katie Krakow, author of the article Child Labor in the United States, the USA department of labor allows children aged 16 or higher to do dangerous agriculture work. Even in farms, they allow kids to operate dangerous machinery.

The ILO (International Labour Organization) has lots of facts about child labor. They say that the benefits of putting children in child labor “outweighs the costs by nearly six to one.” They also say that of 168 million kids, 85 million of them do what they call “hazardous work.” For instance, alot of Indonesia’s tobacco is made by children. They get sick or killed from nicotine poisoning. According to the ILO, “Often health problems caused by working as a child labour may not develop or show up until the child is an adult.” They also say it is found in countries that are still being made, too.

“Worldwide, the ILO estimates that some 22,000 children are killed at work every year.” This means they put more children into child labor and more children are getting killed every year. Child labor is a very dangerous thing to be in. Can you believe that there are 76 countries that have fully allowed child labor?  168 million kids.

A risk in everything they do. What if you were one of them?


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