After examining Friedman’s article and the climate change videos,I have come to the conclusion that they both made certain points that I agreewith. To begin, I strongly agree with Friedman when he stated that the onlyresponsibility that organizations have is to generate a profit.

Due to the factthe only purpose of a business is to become successful, it is most likely theywould put themselves first and society second. On the other hand, I agree with thevideo when they explain that these larger organization are controlling societyand how they need to be stopped before any more environmental issues begin tooccur. Furthermore, I feel that there are quite a few of solutions that could bedone to prevent these dilemma’s from ever happening again. For example, the worldwould be a better place if the government implement a law that puts an end toanymore organizations damaging our world. For example, cutting down the amountof pollution these factories produce to our world. To end off, both Friedmanand the videos provide compelling points on how organizations view socialresponsibility.



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