Snow damage power outage for three month in 2008. Imagine living in the world without electricity.  Endless duration of cold, dark nothingness inefficient society. The world without electricity is like an anxious beast lose the guiding light. Everything is in chaos. After the chaos, the world lost its vitality and finally slowing down. I’m not smart enough to make a profound mediation just like philosophers but I understand how electricity make the world alive. That’s the first time I realized how important electricity is. The abstract conception of electricity started to become clear in my mind even though I was a young child. As a young child, I deemed electricity as warmth, luminosity and impetus of our society.  It’s the warmth of mom’s arms, the luminosity of the sun, the impetus of our society, and the most magical power in child’s fantasy.

What make me interested in electrical engineering is my experience as a foreign student in American high school. I left my hometown when I was 15 and traveled faraway to United State for education, with the fond hope of my parent. I was excited to break free my parent’s grasp and I had a grand blueprint of my future life. But life was not as easy as I thought. I was pretentious and overestimated my ability to confront future challenges. Living independently in a foreign country was frustrating and stressful. My life was surrounded by too much difficulty. Loneliness, language barriers and culture shock were gradually corroding my confidence and enthusiasm. I was trapped in a cycle of frustration, disillusionment, confusion and purposelessness. My life was awful and my grades were awful. I felt like I was back to the long-term power outage in 2008. I was about to give up. I packed up and booked an airline ticket to China. I was planning to leave by the end of the school years. But I changed my decision after I attended a physics field trip to the electricity museum. I watched a science dazzling display of indoor bolts of musical lightning produced by twin solid-state Tesla coils. The show unfolded the charm of electricity and I find myself intrigued by the magic of electricity.


I decided to stay in United States for one more year to continue my study. I took a lab-based physics class inspire to explore the realm of physics and electricity engineering.



Unravel the mysteries of physics.



I'm Katy!

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