8 Reasons why protesters raised against PADMAVATI The dimple-girl of the bollywood industry Deepika Padukone is going through shocking protests due to her new release Padmavat. National Parties, political groups and various royal groups are demanding for Padmawati’s ban.

This whole dram began in JAIPUR when Sanjay Leela Bansali started the film’s shooting in the Nahargadh Fort.Karni Sena, a fringe political party grew furious and attacked the sets, Bansali was also slapped by the members of this group all because the film had romantic scenes between Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh playing the role of Rani Padmavati and Allaudin Khilji respectively.But you all would be searching the reasons why these protests are going on, here we will let youn know about the 8 reasons why Bansali’s Padmavati is facing a lot of protests. 1.

Alleged Romance between Padmavati and KhiljiIn this movie, a romantic relationship is showed between the Rani Padmavati and Allauddin Khilji. Narayan Divrala, the District President of Rajput Karni Sena said that the film makers ar showing a love story of Padmini and Khiljii but Bansali clarified that there is no objectionable or dream scene between Rani Padmavati and Allaudin Khiljii. 2. The GHOOMER SongWe all know that Ghoomer is the folk dance of Rajasthan and in this movie Rani Padmawati is portrayed as a painted doll performimg the Ghoomer dance. Deepika very interestingly, learned Ghoomer, a Rajasthani dance form under the tutelage of a renowned artist, Jyoti D.

Tommaar. The 76th Maharana of Mewar, Maharaja Vishvaraj Singh who was the son of Mahendra Singh Mewar, told that the song Ghoomer and the publicity material that has been released is against the limits of the dramatic licence.3. Complete Distortion of history in the filmRajasthan Royals, various national groups and political parties are claiming against the Padmawati’s distorting history.

Irrfan Habib, a historian had said that after 250 years of Chittor incident, Malik Mohammad Jayasi mentioned Padmawati in his creation’Padmawat’Even historians also said that there is no record of Padmawati being the cause of Chittor siege.The MLA of BJP and a member of the Jaipur royal family also declared that they will not allow the film makers to distort their history4.GHOOMER DANCE- Indecent clothesIn this song, the queen Padmawat’i is shown performing.the Ghoomer dance in indecent clothes which is completely against the culture of rajputs. “A queen never performs in front of audience nor bare her midriff “,this statement was given by Poonam Khangarot who is the member of a  Rajput women group Kshatrani Sankalp.

5. PADMAWATI – Resulted to an attack on “Hindutva”Acharya Dharmendra, VHP leader said that the film Padmavati is anti-hindu and is an attack on Hindu pride and the film makers should be punished for the mean act, whereas Bansali, in his statement said that both the Rajput as well as Hindu community would be proud of his film.6. The tradition of Sati is propagated by the filmAccording to a plea filed in the Allahabad Court, it said that Padmavati is propagating the tradition of Sati and there should be Ban on the release of this movie.

The High Court rejected the plea saying that the Central Board of Film Certification will take a call to the movie.7. Padmawati – The Dancing QueenGhoomer, the traditional folk dance of Rajasthan, is never performed in the way as it has been shown in the film. The Rajput queens never dances in front of Sabha.

The Rajput Sabha President, Giriraj Singh Lotawara also also demanded the clarification of the film by an expert committee comprising historians and other intellectuals.8. Glorifying Alauddin Khiljii’s characterLike many other states, there is anger among the people of Haryana regarding the glorifying negative role of Alauddin Khiljii in the film and this statement was given by the Haryana Minister, Vipul Goel. As nobody, not even CBFC has seen the film yet,so the exact portrayal of Khiljii will only be revealed after the film releases.


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