SharePoint is a great platform to collaborate and store content and document. In any business with small or large scale, it depends on the business process. These business process could be an approvals process, get a notification, automation or span multiple systems and application.Previously if we wanted to create a workflow in SharePoint, we had to use SharePoint designer, SharePoint workflow building or 3rd party tools like Nintex. However, there is a new office 365 app that we need to pay attention that is Microsoft Flow.Microsoft flow is a service provided by office 365 suite. It included in most of office 365 subscriptions. It helps you to create a workflow for your business process automation based on certain triggers and actions logic. Microsoft Flow also allows you to connect across all of your favourite app and service like SharePoint, dynamic 365, Twitter, MailChimp, Trello etc. The important thing is Microsoft flow created to be more use full for the business user that’s mean, for the user that not know about code can create their workflow to make their work more efficient.Getting startedThe first step, you should have the office 365, then you can launch the app from the Apps launcher on your browser.What you get in Microsoft Flow-          A bunch ready to use predefined template, you just need to set a view connection-          More than 100 popular connections you can work with-          Explore of your flow right on the browser-          Manage your flow, create flow from template & monitor flow activity via Mobile App Microsoft Flow and SharePoint relationLike we have explained above Microsoft flow and SharePoint are part of office 365 suite. Basically, Microsoft Flow is separated from SharePoint however, both are tightly integrated. Within SharePoint List and Document Library you can start building your flowIMGYour first flow-          TbdNow you have created your first flow with a template, use your creativity to create a workflow from scratch by using more than 100 data sources that Microsoft flow supports.Happy flowing