Iran expresses feelings of sorrow at the occurrences ofconflict and conveys deep condolences to individuals affected by said conflicts.Iran believes that swift attention must be brought to alleviating the effectsof these, and agrees that the country must be prepared with measures for thecountry and others in need as well. Iranalso is committed to increasing investment in energy efficiency and renewableenergy. Iran believes that steps should be taken to, first of all,discourage and quell tensions to ensure that no country needs to face theconsequences of conflicts.

The country also believes that full participation ofneighbouring countries is essential in the development of a country,post-conflict. Iran has managed several physical rural development projects, bycontrolling urban development. Provision of potable water and ruralelectrification, improvement of rural roads, promotion of rural industrialcomplexes, rural sanitation, and providing of services to rural agriculturalcommunities has also been achieved by the country.  Iran, byprioritizing small and medium-sized cities has increased literacy rate andrural electrification and urbanization. Iran has taken steps towardsproduction of renewable energy and increasing supply of this to citizens. Sustainable management withthe assistance of international programs such as “Sustainable CityProgram” of Habitat, “Urban Management Program” of the World Bank and”Healthy City Program” by WHO has strengthened and improved humansettlement. Iranplans on the resettlement of high-risk urban housing sites in the safe zones, developmentand promotion of safety awareness in the disaster-prone regions of the country,and completion of suitable procedures to decrease the impact of migration on ruralcitizens, through rural development and reduction of regional disproportion,and measures for settling the needed unskilled labour force as well.

 Iran recommends increase in supply of energy to theseregions, and potable water. Iran also encourages adoption of small-scale RE technologies, to help electrifyremote villages, providing energy and means to do work. 


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