A able to make decisions based on a

A conventional computing
could only operate within the framework that were programmed into it. It could
have all the processor speed and memory, but the code would be what software
designers and users have produced whereas an intelligent computing would, much
like humans, make decisions solely on it`s own. It would be able to learn and
in essence, constantly reprogram itself. It would be able to make decisions
based on a more ethical or moral, not a programmed factual manner. Conventional
computing can’t explain arguments and its system is made of algorithms and data
structure whereas intelligent computing systems have ability to explain
arguments and compose of interrogative and assumption engine with knowledge
If a solution is accurate,perceived and fully optimized in an efficient time,
then we can conclude that a given solution is intelligent. For example,Surveillance
is a real life example of intelligent solution.It is one of the oldest and most common practices within
investigative services, yet it remains the best option in cases when real-time
information is required. Real-time information gathered via surveillance
leads in making preventative decisions and more reliable than other methods of
investigation because of its accuracy and optimized solutions.

Obviously, the solution provided by a learning agent is different
and intelligent to that of utility agent. Sometimes achieving the desired goal is not enough. We may
look for quicker, safer, cheaper way to reach the goal. Because of the uncertainty in the
world, a utility agent choses the action that maximizes the expected utility
but a learning agent is responsible for selecting external actions and allows
the agent to explore.A learning agent perceives its environment through percept
and acts through actuators.

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Applications of intelligent
computing  expand across different areas,
such as business, healthcare, environmental protection, security,
entertainment, and social activities. The advancement of cloud computing,
pervasive computing and social computing are bringing intelligent computing to
a newer dimension and improving our ways of living.

example, Flying drones are the best real life example of intelligent computing.
The flying drones are already shipping products
to customers home – though on a test mode. It consists of a powerful
machine learning system that can translate the environment into a 3D model
through sensors and video cameras.

So, after all this
technical aspects, we came on the conclusion that intelligent computing is gaining popularity at a quicker pace;
influencing the way we live, interact and improve user experience. So, intelligent computing is much more efficient and better than conventional