A free learning resource was givento schools nationally, with the point of showing in primary schools thesignificance of a decent night’s rest and factors.it. Sleep awareness educationproject In March 2012, The Sleep Council launched its first-ever ‘sleepawareness’ education project in primary schools for its annual awareness eventof National Bed Month. The Pillow Time survey in 2009 found that 73% ofrespondents thought children should be taught about the importance of a goodnight’s sleep at school. com Lisa Artis The Sleep Council’s teaching resource’Better Brains with More Sleep’ 67 Education and Health Vol.

The ‘sleepawareness’ initiative followed the results of a survey ‘Time to Learn’ of 250primary school teachers conducted on behalf of The Sleep Council. As part ofour ‘sleep awareness’ project we wanted to establish just how much of an issuelack of sleep has become among young schoolchildren,” said Jessica. Sleepis something that every single one of us does without giving too much thoughtto how important a good bed is to a good night’s sleep. The survey revealedthat lack of sleep among Lisa Artis is the PR and Marketing Officer for TheSleep Council.

3, 2012 primary school children was having a shocking effect inschools with nine out             The better Brains with greater Sleep makes aschools project a good way to contain pupils monitoring the sleep conduct oftheir parents as a way to positively also serve to remind them of how to makesure their children get a respectable night’s sleep if they’re to do nicely atfaculty. According to the ‘Time To Learn’ survey, lack of sleep has become sucha widespread issue in primary schools that nearly a quarter (24%) of theteachers questioned admitted that they had had to resort to letting childrenwho are very tired sleep in a corner of the classroom. Said Jessica, “Theresource pack is designed to teach pupils about the importance of a good bedand a good night’s sleep in a fun, informative and interactive way. Nearly nineout of 10 teachers (88%) felt that too many distractions in the bedroom (gamesmachines, TVs etc) were at the root of sleep related problems along with thefact parents are simply not strict enough about enforcing bedtimes.


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