A high protein vegetarian diet is imperative if a non-meat eater is looking at shedding some pounds and building muscle. It is highly likely if you are a vegetarian that people have bugged you about the protein sources in your diet and tried to convince you to give up your green ways! However, the truth is that it is perfectly possible to avoid meat without risking a protein deficiency. Protein was earlier seen as an obsession of diet for body building and gym fanatics , but now a good protein intake is equated to adequate energy levels. This is why everyone tries to ensure that they are getting enough protein. Why do we need protein?Proteins consist of smaller units known as amino acids that are vital for various functions.

They repair damaged cells and build new cells. It is also needed to build tissues, muscles and bones. Even our nails and hair are primarily constructed from protein. A High protein vegetarian diet plan for weight loss has been effective since protein has high satisfaction and it also helps in keeping one full and suppressing cravings. Following is a list of 10 high protein vegetarian foods: Dairy Products:  are packed heavily with both protein and calcium.

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Vegan diet options include nut milks, such as hazelnut or almond milk or soy milk! Eggs: Eggs are an easily available, versatile food item that is very high in proteins and equally less in carbs Soya and Tofu: Soy protein is an amazing ingredient and can be turned into various delicious forms- Tofu, for instance. Soya beans can be eaten alone or turned into soy milk, miso or tempeh. Soya is also increasingly seen as a great veggie substitute for meat and is adaptable. Paneer: Paneer is the Indian Vegetarian soul food! It contains very important fatty acids that increase the fat burning process.

It is also high in calcium content and aids in fighting cancerous cells!Peanuts and Peanut Butter: Peanuts are a very high quality energetic food that has decent fiber content that keeps one feeling satiated for long! Peanut butter works well as a spread on a slice of brown bread as a part of a diet plan too!Almonds: They have been considered famous for long for being an excellent plant based natural protein rich source. Kidney Beans (Rajma): They are high in iron and increase the energy level. It also consists of Vitamin K which increases brain function. It decreases Carb metabolism which prevents blood sugar surge after meals, that consequently helps in weight loss. Sprouted Moong: Moong beans are a rich source of protein and fiber, along with antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the body and help in burning fat.Chole/Chickpeas: Chickpeas (chole) are vital for weight loss since they are rich in fiber and protein content. Broccoli: It consists of soluble fiber which keeps one full.

It also helps in keeping blood sugar in control. It is very low in calories, which makes it an important part of every health conscious person’s meal planAll these vegetarian high protein food items are easily available and not heavy on the pocket either. All vegetarians should incorporate at least 4- 5 of these food items in their daily diet and keep changing them to achieve better protein for weight loss or their individual muscle building goals. One should also keep a track of their daily caloric and protein intake according to their weight, height and target.


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