A motivation letter alsoknown as a letter of motivation is a letter of introduction which is oftenattached to or accompanies another document like a curriculum vitae or aresume. Motivation letters are typically written by students pursuingadmissions into academic institutions or those seeking for scholarships to study abroad. However, job seekers also need toaccompany their CVs with a letter of motivation when applying for jobs.Students seeking for scholarships inEthiopia or even other parts of the world such as Europe and America areexpected to master the skills of writing an impressive and excellent letter ofmotivation in a bid to sell themselves.     It is nevertheless worth informing you that there is a great differencebetween a letter of motivation and a cover letter.

Of course, many people doconfuse the purpose of these two letters. Thus, if you are seeking for a free scholarship in Europe or the USA,it is imperative for you to understand that what you need to send along withyour other credentials is a letter ofmotivation and not a cover letter. A letter of motivation is used whenapplying for acceptance into academic institutions such as a University, a free scholarship program, as well as toa non-profit organization for voluntary work. Through a motivation letter, thetargeted institutions will get to understand the interests and drives of theapplicant, their motives and even why they chose a particular program orinstitution. A cover letter, on the other hand, is used when applying for jobs.Thus job seekers are expected to send their cover letters alongside their CVsso that their drives, interests, and motives towards a particular organizationor company can be deciphered by the human resource management.The importance of a motivation letter     The importance of a letter ofmotivation when applying for a free scholarship can never beoveremphasized.

First of all, a letter of motivation enables you to target a scholarship program and the institutionin question in an extraordinary way. The reason is that the letter ofmotivation carries unique information about your skills, qualities as well asexperiences and how they fit into the scholarship program you are longing topursue. In other words, through your motivationletter, you will be explaining to the target institution why you think youare an ideal candidate for the program.

      Another reason why the letter of motivation is important is that itgives you an opportunity to explain why you consider the scholarship oruniversity program to be interesting and attractive to you as well as why youwant to be a part of the program. Thus rather than repeating information whichis already available in your CV, the letter of motivation should also contain avalid explanation on how the scholarship program is either going to help yourcareer goals or improve on your community.Guidelines for writing a motivation letter      Now, it isn’t enough for you to know the importance of a motivationletter as it is equally imperative to know how to write an excellent one. Eventhough the formatting of a motivation letter is the same as that of any otherformal letter, there are a few guidelines for writing a killer one. Some of theguidelines are as follows;•   There should be no rush in writing a motivation letter. Recall that amotivation letter is a very critical document which should not be written in afew minutes.

Thus, you must take your time by ensuring that you start early. •   Ensure that you do not go about repeating everything that has alreadybeen said in your CV in your motivation letter. Repeating the same informationwill make the letter long and cumbersome to read. Instead, the motivationletter should answer questions relating to your goals, why you think you are anideal candidate for the free scholarshipprogram, the skills you possess and why you want to study in a particularcountry.•   Make sure that the motivation letter is well composed.

The best way todo so is nevertheless by writing out an outline before proceeding to draft theletter. Remember to proofread the text by deleting all superfluous andredundant parts.•   Above all, chose an appropriate writing style and deal with the topicmore reflectively and factually.         In a nutshell, writing a greatmotivation letter could be easy once you dedicate time and efforts to it.Remember that scholarship applicationsare often very competitive, so you have to nail your cover letter in a bid tostand out.


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