A reporter from the New York Post uncovered

A reporter from the New York Post uncovered a story about half of all college students were struggling with food security.  The story came to surface because a two nation premier historically black college went on a hunger strike. The student pressured the school to be able to repurpose unused meal plan vouchers to that student who was struggling.  The situation is getting to the point where hunger and homelessness are undermining student’s ability to obtain a higher education.  The food security struggle wasn’t just with these historically black colleges, but with prestigious University like University of California, Berkeley, and private sector schools like Northwestern University. And it’s no longer the foster youth, homeless, and people of color, nor the LGBT communities that are experiencing food securities.   With the high cost of education skyrocketing and the new economic families are struggling with the decline of their income and wealth.  Students are working hard to go to college to obtain stability, and many are failing because they cannot escape poverty to have the time to focus on their studies.  What’s happening is students are not trusting in the government as a safety nest any longer. There may be more students that qualify for Financial Aid, however college and states have fewer dollars to allocate per student. There was a proposal giving by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, that every public college should open some free campus food storeroom. Because they are noticing 30% community colleges and 22% of the University students are food insecure, and the problem needs to be recognized by policymakers.  However, Gov. Jerry Brown from California acknowledged the problem and with a $7.5 million he invested in putting towards a substantial fund. Although, colleges still feel a responsibility to the student that are experiencing this struggle and have now taken the advice from programs such as “Swipe Out Hunger” and have reallocated 14,000 free meals per year to students in need.  Other institutes have created grocery scholarship to help their students. This food insecurity is becoming the new normal on college campuses; it is such high pressure to obtain a higher education just to land a great career. There are no guarantees once we receive that degree of financial success.   Unfortunately, with the current economy shifting, we are noticing commonwealth is declining, and corporations are looking to hire only those with degrees. We have to work together to help others overcome obstacles that many of us take for granted no one in America should go hungry.