A symptoms that may require a neurologist is

A neurologist is a branch of medicine that specializes and treats problems in the nervous system and brain. They treat, diagnose, and prevent diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Neurologists see patients with stroke, migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord disorders, multiple sclerosis, and infections of the nervous system. People who have sensory  problems or confusion may want to consider visiting a neurologist. Other symptoms that may require a neurologist is muscle weakness, dizziness, and coordination problems. Many neurologists work in hospitals, clinics, or have a private practice. Multiple doctors have to travel between the hospital and their office to treat patients.  People who work in hospitals tend to work there for more than 40 hours a week. They can work irregular, long, and sometimes overnight hours. When a physician is on call, they receive phone calls throughout the day and night about their patients and may have to make an critical visit to a hospital. This can be very physically and emotionally depleting but there is great pride in helping others. To be a neurologist, one must have many good characteristics. Some of these include good communication skills. This is important because doctors need to be able to communicate with their patients and healthcare staff. They also need to be compassionate and detail oriented. Compassion is needed because neurologists deal with some patients that are distressed or in pain. They need to be kind and understanding to make the patient feel comfortable. Physicians meet and treat many patients so detail is very necessary. They monitor and record various pieces of data regarding their patients so detail and organization is essential.  Leadership skills are also needed to help manage staff and other professionals to help run their profession. Physicians need patience because they work for very long hours and with some patients who need special treatment. Doctors need problem solving skills. Neurologists need to examine patient’s symptoms and find appropriate treatments. This needs to be done quickly if a patient’s life in a threatening situation.   The suggested schools for ones who wish to go into the career of neurology are University of Washington, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, Harvard University, and the University of Notre Dame. These schools were chosen based on the requirements needed to be a neurologist.  In the United States, to become a neurologist, one has to take 12 years of training and education after high school. They also must earn a bachelor’s degree which takes four years.