A lovely college-going girl, (dressed in a casual t shirt and jeans) is walking hand-in-hand with her tall boyfriend in amall. She is saying, ” My dear, Our love is going to be two years old in three days! Feels like yesterday,..haha.. Can’t believe it’s almost been two years already!” And just then when she looks at him, she catches him not listening to her, but looking at anothergirl! She gets angry and upset, and immediately withdraws her hand swiftly and walks into a café. Sits at a table. Her boyfriend sees her going away and instantly realizes what went wrong! He quickly follows her and pulls a chair and sits at her table, facing her. He starts convincing her with a slightly tensed expression saying, “Listen..” just then the waiter arrives at their table asking, ” what would you like to have sir?” He quickly looks at him and replies saying ” two cappuccino please”  He leaves in an instant with a quick nod saying “ok sir”. He goes to the work counter and starts preparing it, setting up cups, adding coffee & sugar while he notices the pissed off girl and the boy trying to explain something, through the blurred glass sheet panel before him. Slightly confused expression on his face. He turns on the coffee maker machine,Coffee making can be filmed attractively Coffee appearing attractive, turns into a beautiful brown colour all foamed up with tiny bubbles at the topTurning off the machine, withdraws the tray. Dusts and sprinkles some brown powder in circular direction into the cappuccino mugs. Reaches out to his conical tool containing whipped cream, and draws a white creamy heart over the coffees! He lifts the tray, walks towards the couple ,goes to their table, puts one of the coffee mugs at the boy’s place, “While the boyfriend is saying, “I was just casually…” and then he looks at the waiter and smiles,(half a second eye contact n smile between the waiter n the boy)  then he puts the other cup at the girl’s place and leaves. The boy saying “why do you..” girl lifts the coffee mug, takes it to her mouth,  a small smile as she feels the aroma takes a sip, closes her eyes in blissful ecstasy .. the world blocks out to her.Then, opening her eyes, looking at her boyfriend who is slightly frowned n upset,with both his hands kept on the table, just holding the coffee mug, she says with a wide smile, “honey! Silly me! why do I have to be insecured when I & you know that I’am prettier!, hehe”Boyfriend instantly turns happywith brows raised a bit, fuller eyes with a happy spark, and a bright smile. Relieved, he begins to drink his cappuccino, and they exchange some laughter, smiles and chatter.The waiter is rearranging a nearby table and adjusting a chair, happens to notice the change in the scene, and shrugs naturallysmirking positively, he says “it’s our “brown magic”. Have you bean tricked lately?!” while the couple happily chitchatting is blurrily shown at the backdropThe ad ends with the waiter throwing that question.  The logo and the title, “brown magic” appears on the screenafter he says “brown magic” and the caption have you bean tricked lately, appears below the logo after he throws the caption question. (where ‘bean’ refers to coffee bean which was funnily used instead of been) The ad could last 40seconds to less than a minute, could be played on all the social media sites.   I have made up few lines that could be used to advertise this café. Attractive looking individual Posters could be created with relevant drawings and interesting illustrations showing piping hot mugs of coffee, & cups of tea with different people/working women/students, boys & girls/ Girl gangs laughing, chit-chatting and blissfully enjoying coffee, gathered around tables and seated on chairs. Each poster can contain a different advertising line,written in appealing text over the posters. Each of these posters can be posted as different individual online posts on social media, advertising & promoting the café.  Following is the list of lines/text that could help in marketing the brand and the café:


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